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Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 13

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  • Chelle22Chelle22 Forumite
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    Teeniepops wrote: »
    Hello, all.

    I'm new to this thread and was hoping it would be ok to join in. A little about me and our situation...

    My husband and I have been TTC since we married in 2015. Due to a thyroid disease (for me) that went undiagnosed for 5 years, my fertility has been impacted and we are currently TTC using 'clomid'. If this doesn't work, we will be progressed to other treatments. My husband has Rhumatoid Arthritis and stopped taking his medication 6 months before the wedding so we could 'get straight on it' (his medication can be bad to foetuses hence stopping). So...me having unexpected fertility issues is causing him to be in pain for much longer. Luckily he is amazing about it.

    Today is CD5 and day 4/5 taking clomid this cycle. This is our third cycle using the drug.

    Hope everyone is ok and their journeys going well x

    Welcome Teeniepops, sorry to hear about your thyroid disease causing difficulties. Good luck with this round of clomid, I have heard good things! I have added you to the list, hope this is ok.
  • Chelle22 wrote: »
    Welcome Teeniepops, sorry to hear about your thyroid disease causing difficulties. Good luck with this round of clomid, I have heard good things! I have added you to the list, hope this is ok.

    Hello! Yes it is ok. Thank you :)

    So far clomid has done wonders to regulating my cycles. My range was cycles as short as 14 days and as long as 167 days! They seem steady at 29 days since taking clomid so that's positive!

    Fingers crossed for everyone x
  • Chelle22Chelle22 Forumite
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    MrsNubs wrote: »
    Chelle it's so hard to say as my cycles are all over the place. Today is CD53, my last 3 cycles have been 45, 53 and 65 days, so this is right in the middle. Today I've also had some tummy issues, feel starving hungry all the time, even though I've eaten loads and also have a bit of a tummy ache. Think I'll test tomorrow with FMU

    I have everything crossed for you. Keep us posted!
  • Chelle22 wrote: »
    I have everything crossed for you. Keep us posted!

    Me too! Xx
  • ZeniZeni Forumite
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    Hi anotheruser its really nice to have a male perspective and what your saying is what I'm trying to avoid my OH feeling like. Have you talked to your OH about it and feeling under pressure?

    Hey teeniepops it sounds like you have a lovely and very supportive OH. Good lukc for this cycle :)

    Oo MrsNubs thats sounding really interesting, def keep us posted.

    Rejoined Slimming World Mon so excited to getting on it and actually doing something to help this along. Thus cycle I'm feeling really positive..not sure why!
    Swagbuckling since Aug 2016 - Earnings so far.. £55.
  • MrsNubsMrsNubs Forumite
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    I got my BFP!!!!! Tested this morning with FMU and both lines came up within 20 seconds!
    I'm so excited and so relieved that it's happened for us!

    For those that don't know our journey, we're both 29, been trying for 11 months but due to me having insanely long and irregular cycles we've only had 6 cycles in that time. I've also never had a positive OPK so never have any idea when I'm OV'ing so it's just guess work most months.

    I really thought we were out this month as I had the cyst so couldn't BD for a week, and then DH was in Dublin for a week on business and I thought OV was sometime during those 2 weeks, but it looks like it happened the night he came home from Dublin!

    Now just to keep my fingers crossed that everything works out. Will still lurk for a while if that's ok, really hoping to see you all get your BFP's. You ladies have been amazing and have made this journey seem less lonely! Thanks for all your support and heaps of babydust to all of you!
  • Congrats Mrs Nubs xx
  • thrift360thrift360 Forumite
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    Congratulations Mrs Nubs! Amazing news :D

    Sorry for my radio silence on here, my husband and I moved house a few weeks ago and it was all a bit manic in the lead up to that and all thoughts of trying for a baby went out the window a bit to be honest. On the plus side, we're all settled now in a three bedroom house (were previously living in a tiny one bedroom place riddled with mould and in the middle of town where we'd get woken up by drunks throughout the night, so obviously very unsuitable/ impractical to bring a child up in) so now have lots of room for a baby :)

    Currently on CD19 and have been using the Clearblue digital ovulation test, on my second "flashing smiley" day today and think I'm due to ovulate tomorrow/Sunday so will crack on with bd-ing tonight and keep my fingers crossed. Hope everyone is well!
  • Chelle22Chelle22 Forumite
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    TTC Thread

    Two Week Wait (BFP Hopefuls)
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    "Wine and Chocolate" zone
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    Those we haven't heard from in a while

    Those with * sometimes uses conceive plus/preseed.
    The names in blue has a link to their Fertility Friend chart.
    When posting updates, can you please do them in Magenta so it's easy to spot. This thread is all about support, so remember to click thanks on as many posts as you can! It makes us all feel loved.

    For those posting on smartphones or tablets the code for magenta is
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  • Chelle22Chelle22 Forumite
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    Mrs Nubs that's excellent news, congratulations! I'm so pleased for you, and good work with contending with such irregular cycles! I wish you all the best with your pregnancy, please do continue to lurk and keep us updated with how you are getting on x

    Zeni, good luck with slimming world, glad you are feeling positive. Sometimes just being able to feel like you are doing something to help really makes a difference.

    thrift360 welcome back! Congrats on the new house, sounds lovely. Hope now that you are settled in somewhere more suitable your BFP comes along quickly :) Good luck with the BDing!

    Hope everyone else is well.
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