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    Hello - may I please join in? I saw this mentioned elsewhere and thought that it looked interesting :) I'm a little bit late to the party, I know :(

    Time to get tough. Time to get serious. Time to stop procrastinating. What have you been putting off? What have you been avoiding? Are there any areas where you are falling down? I need to get my b*m into gear and finish some paperwork for a charity which I volunteer for. I also should do the end of year paperwork for our accountant for the company end of year.

    U will avoid coffee shops, pie shops, sandwich bars, vending machines, canteens and takeaways Should be ok. It's my birthday this month and we are going out for a meal, but that's planned for. We also have an afternoon tea at a local hotel - Xmas present :D

    Reduce your food budget by 1/15th (divide this month's budget by 15 and take one off). This means that those with large family budgets reduce by the same amount as lone turtles. Budget set at £350 for the month (normally aim for £400) for 6 of us and veggies for 3 guinea pigs

    The challenge runs from 1st March to midnight on the 31st March. Bit late joining (if I can)

    Lunchto work every day. Also to appointments/ other regular activities and if possible on outings. Not a problem. Children always have packed lunches. I tend to only work part days. Husband currently between contracts so is at home anyway.

    Exercise. 4 x 30 minutes a week. Please exercise with caution if you have been ill. Break it down into 10 minutes sessions if you need to. Those who already more developed regimes, continue as usual. Likely to break down into smaller sessions. Also aiming for average 10k steps / day

    Savings or debt repayments come first. live on what is left over. Standard :)

    Audit your cupboards, fridge and freezer and meal plan before going shopping. Make a meal using something that has been in the cupboard for a while. I want to empty our garage freezer this month :)

    Review your annual budget. Next year's Council tax and Water bills will be arriving. The big energy switch has just taken place. These bills have greater impact on those on lower incomes but everyone needs to factor them in (don't go overdrawn). Are all your renewal dates in your diary so you can compare ahead of time? Are there any annual/ occasional expenses which you tend to forget? My energy supplier needs reviewing

    Eat Well. Give your brain and body the fuel they need to do their jobs. Eat more veg to boost your immune system - particularly important for those who have been ill recently. Remember the standard portion of meat should be approximately the size of a small matchbox.

    Tough. This is my aim this March. Deviations from the rules may be questioned. Alternatives will be suggested. This means that I must be tougher on myself then on you as to do less would be hypocritical. If you are putting yourself on the naughty step could you take a duster or wet cloth and give it a wipe when you are there as I am still finding it difficult to reach?

    Others as ourselves Donate to a food bank or charity of your choice (time, goods or money). Someone somewhere is worse off than you. I already volunteer several hours or more a week. I will continue to declutter - I have a bag of hardly worn men's casual trousers to go to local homeless shelter and a box of general items for the local CS. Also 3 items for friend's fundraising for a cancer charity and a bag for foodbank. I need to make sure it's all delivered - it's not doing any good still here!

    U will aim for 16 Spend Free Days. Remember this is to help stop impulse spending, the 'went in for two things and came out with a basketful' syndrome. Also helps with small spends which can become expensive habits. A small chocolate bar won't kill you but when you get to 11 am and you are expecting that chocolate bar (and then eating tit without any awareness). If you prefer to chart your spending in line with your budget (ie half way through the month/ less than 1/2 spent) this is fine.

    Get ready. the clocks change at the month end. Spring is officially upon us. Time to get fit - physically, mentally and moneywise.

    Home. This will be my main focus for March, making up for years of neglect and patching up.I would like you to make up a 'snag list'. Go round your house one room at a time and list all the jobs that need doing. You can add 'niggly' jobs if you like - the drawer that never gets sorted. Sort into things you can tackle (or think of ways to tackle them) and those you might have to pay for. Start with the no cost ones. If it's something that would take less than 5 minutes, just do it (you are allowed to put it on the list and tick it off afterwards - I know how satisfying that can be). Need to update our list. Currently decorating DS3's room. DS2's room next.
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    dolly84 wrote: »
    Hi all.

    Made my debt payment today of £399.88, have gone under £4k now which makes me very happy,

    Well done Dolly!:T:T
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

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    Another NSD here. Weather has been truly awful so wasn't really enticed to spend anyway. A nice healthy stir fry for dinner. Easing into March gradually :)

    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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    Evening all,

    So had a SFD yesterday!

    Today has not been a SFD. Booked the flights for my holiday and OMG it was expensive :shocked:_pale_ but it's saved and budgeted for. Making up for it with accommodation. Booked a lovely spa hotel with nice pool for the night as I arrive earlier than my friend. Booked via Airbnb for £16. Inc breakfast :money: was about £30 on booking.com for same hotel! Currently trawling through Expedia for the rest as I get a discount as flight booked through them. Cat is booked in the cattery and I just need to sort out one jab. Going 5 weeks tomorrow :j so on my best behaviour until then!

    Going out for a meal tomorrow with some work people but it's being paid for :T going to drive but will be a small spend on car park and soft drink in the pub. Friend has cancelled dinner on Friday so I won't be buying wine to take.

    Looking for some good cheap gin recommendations if anyone has any? Heard aldi is good? I normally drink Bombay sapphire from duty free but I've run out and it's still pricey in the supermarket even on offer :(
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    Well done dolly

    clippy I drink aldee gin, I'm no expert but it tastes fine to me :)
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    Well done dolly

    Afraid I can't help with the gin recommendations clippy - the gin I love is expensive so I always ask for a bottle as a birthday/christmas gift if I'm beginning to run short.

    Didn't manage to post yesterday as the internet on my laptop wasn't working and I wasn't in the mood to type it out on my phone. Yesterday I went to a kettlebells class (the first one this year!), really enjoyed it so have signed myself up for next week, rather sore today though. Spend days both yesterday and today, bought some groceries yesterday and today bought various remedies for OH (he is sounding awful - I'm staying well clear, I do not want the lurgy) plus tickets to see my friends band in a couple of months.

    Forgot to add - the cheque from the PPI cleared today so I have made an overpayment to the loan :D
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    Day off work today although I am doing my other job from home. I need to get the dog out for a good walk, go cycling, clean the bathroom, vacuum upstairs and prepare the tea so I think I will have another coffee then get moving.
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    Good morning, nice and sunny but chilly again here. Def helps with the mood.

    Well done Dolly :T It very motivating reaching milestones like that.

    Clippy can't recommend any reasonable gin either. Usually get a bottle of bombay, hendricks or that fancy Edinburgh stuff for christmas and birthdays ;)

    First SFD today. Finally. Will hit the gym again this lunch time. Will need to work on my positivity today as it's waning. Feel like a single parent just now with DH either going out, playing football or working late and it's grinding me down having the kids all the time after and before work and weekends. Love them but gosh they can drive me doolally. Anyway need to be in my best mood tonight as DH is away again for training. To be brutally honest all I want for Mother's day is a day to myself :rotfl:

    Off to better do some work :p
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    Good morning! :wave:

    I'm just popping in now as I may not be able to later.
    Busy day ahead with my sister but don't plan on entering a shop today, well if I do it will be with my big sis and my purse will be firmly closed. There's only £3.73 in there anyway, and as I don't need anything, that's were it will stay. :D

    I was thinking about ways I can get some veg seeds without spending, when out of the blue, my DD1 asked what I wanted for mothers day.....guess what my reply was?!
    If you wait long enough things fall straight into your lap! :j
    Might see who wants to buy me some compost!:rotfl:
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    Hi folks, sorry need to back into posting each day mode.

    Anyway 1st March SFD 1/15:T

    Yesterday went to M & S got meal deal had some vouchers but not enough. Spent 3 pounds(including chocolate eggs- grandson?). Went for an afternoon tea yesterday was a bit peeved off as I bought it off Groupon while ago,didn't include tea/ coffee you got a smoothie with it. So parted with another 1.50.

    Today going to buy milk/ bread lots of other food in, just in case of snow.

    Not sleeping well lately so I know this is a waste but booked a day off work tomorrow, got lots of things I need to sort out which are playing on my mind. Loving a long weekend.

    Todays saving had renewal through for basic breakdown with AA . gone up from 33 to 66 pounds this year. Found RAC one on here 27.99 through quidco another 7.50 off, just thought I would try AA anyway better deal given me home start as well for total price of 40.00. Always wanted home start so happy bunny with that price.:T

    Debt busting not happening until next week, driving me nuts can't pay anything off at the moment. Impatient bunny that I am.

    Funbrum well done on getting some seeds hopefully. I found some herb ones in a drawer from last year, may throw them in some compost and see if anything happens. Leave in spare bedroom on windowsill.

    Clippy jealous where are you going on holiday?

    Mistara my daughter goes to kettle bell classes. Some on sale in Lidl last week with 30% off anyway I struggled lifting them into trolley - no hope for me.

    Dolly well done on your payments you're catching me up. I must up my game.

    Gained 50 pounds from a house clean the other night, so much for a little job, house was huge, problems with the alarm and getting the power on. Will keep that in my doing house up fund however.

    Looks sunny out there now change from yesterdays 70mph winds and hail.
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