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    This Welshie is raring to go. Happy St Davids day folks, full of daffodils, leeks and welsh cakes.

    Todays plan.
    Work till 3pm and be happy,
    Go and do cleaning job straight after. 50 pounds cash making me go, hopefully pretty clean. Just be a freshen up the house.
    Then plan to walk for an hr hopefully still in daylight.
    Gain SFD

    Hoping my roof would leak last night with all the rain, unfortunately not, so that means paying a plumber to find a leak. Will wait till tomorrow just in case rain takes bit of time to filter down to my hall. Sounds silly but roof repair is cheaper and easier than pulling all boarding up in my hall and big cost to find mystery leak,

    Fmess sorry to hear you were blubbery, I was like that one night last week when out walking. Do something even small to cheer yourself up, rest more.

    Turned down night out on Friday, still hibernating and saving money until weather warms up. However now been invited to friends house for dinner Saturday, one of their relatives birthday meal so will have to spend on a little pressie no doubt. I really don't get on with their relative either so better not drink! Wish I could come up with a valid excuse not to go. I really am not miserable and get along with everyone normally.

    Working on budgets as it is a 5 week month going to be tricky.
    Food 85 (normally 100)
    Fuel 40
    Me 30( Spring haircut time)
    Bdays 30
    Going out 30
    House repairs 50

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    Mortgage free Oct 2019:)
    EFund/savings £18051 11/8/21
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    Happy St David's Day Turtles (sorry I forgot that one) and Rabbits Rabbits (just got it in before noon).

    Welcome LINKYPIE2009 and welcome back nannygladys and Eager Elephant.

    Fun Brum debt clearing is the way to go. £22 spent on food sounds excellent - is there another part of your spending which could be cut back instead?

    My plan for March

    Time to get serious about my weight. It has crept back on slowly and I need to do something. Not think about, it has to happen. I don't like being this weight or shape and need to take control now. Last month's effort at writing down what I ate didn't get past the 1st. Think before putting anything in my mouth (or basket). Give my body what it needs and ignore it when it asks for chocolate. Also go through how I am feeling, am I eating because I am bored, sad or tired (therefore reaching for the wrong thing). Other things need attention but this is affecting every area of my life.

    Avoid takeaways etc. I included pie shops because we seem to have a proliferation of them and they have tempting displays (sandwiches and cakes as well). Coincidently the benches seem to be placed near to them so last month when I needed to sit down whilst shopping they were always in front of me (resisted but noticed them).

    Reduce food spending. I have £70 this month and have spent about half so need to be careful. I need to plan more and have healthy snacks in the fridge - raw veg and yoghurt dip.

    Lunch to work and for appointments - I have made up some sandwiches to freeze. Will switch back to crisp bread for breakfast when my throat is no longer sore.

    Exercise - sit-ups, a regular walk and lots of dancing (must get laptop fixed).

    Savings - I have some money set aside for the work that needs doing but have earmarked money coming in to replace it. I also need to set up a proper savings account.

    Audit cupboards and meal plan. I don't usually meal plan. My freezer list includes all the meals I have made up eg 4 onion soup, 2 stew and sometimes I take out 2 or 3 to have over the next day or two. I have found recently that I have had extra meals and woken at odd hours (4am) feeling very hungry. So need to review my diabetic rules and work out if I am missing things out (probably need more rice and pasta as well as veg0 and space meals properly.

    Review annual budget. Awaiting Council and water bills. Need to change gas tariff (exisiting supplier), new dd amount has arrived. Will chase up water meter option again - did it at the other house and then moved.

    To be continued (5 mins left)

    Eat well -lots of veg for me.

    Tough - I need to be very tough, especially on my self.

    Donating - another 48 items left the house yesterday and a further 8 today. Also looking at purchasing a bed or beds (2 x 2'6" ones) as DS3 seems to have broken his bed base (he already needed a new mattress). Might be able to fix it but would only be for the short term.

    SFDs need as many as possible.

    Home improvements - have filled a page and started on the margin. May be able to put three under stairs shelves in place.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Hello, back from a lovely swim and then back to the desk to spend some money online. BUT on a good thing, signed up for a Duathlon. There is my motivation to keep the exercise going ;)

    Tonight will be shepherd's pie for tea. Will bulk it out with lentils and freeze some leftover portions. Starting to build up a wee stock of lunches for me and OH.

    Better dash
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
    DFD 12/21 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 92300 (11/19) 80779 (08/21)
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    Have reviewed all my monthly bills inc the annual call to sky to threaten to leave to get a good discount (got best discount to date :) ) have had my final bill from British Gas which is £85 :( i started trying to switch in oct to first utility- total palaver including them taking over my neighbours supply instead of mine and I was being charged by both providers! I'm the end I binned them off and switched to eon as it was the same price but I was very happy with them before.

    Anyway BG have sent me my final gas bill but not a combined one so I emailed them. They then said they had done electric separately and I was being charged for both hills on different dates. However the electric bill is for my gas bill charges plus £8 electric. So if the advisor is correct I will be laying the gas one twice! I have emailed for clarification as I think the electric bill should replace the gas one as it includes all the account arrears. If the gas one comes out I will cancel the dd and call them to pay the £8 on the phone!

    All bills sorted, I know council tax will go up a few £ so will adjust. Once tax year ends I also need to increase my annual bills account monthly payment to include the tax for my Airbnb this year. It is currently at £360 for the year but I might get some more bookings. Luckily next year the rent a room allowance nearly doubles so I prob won't have to pay any tax :money:
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    hugs Fmess.

    Congratulations on your windfall Nannyg. I understand about worrying about frittering the money away, I worried that I wasn't keeping close enough tabs on everything last month, especially as moving mum and then being ill got in the way and taking the easy option beckoned - luckily a sandwich was mostly the easy option.

    Crazy cat lady sorry you still felt you were stressing too much last month and didn't get to exercise enough but well done on managing a very tough month.

    Clippy girl commiserations on energy company billing mistakes. I am still waiting for my final bill, nearly two months on. I think I frightened them by saying if they got it wrong this time, I would charge them for the time taken to write the previous 5 (now 6) e-mails. They took a week to reply to my 'complaint' and then it was only to tell me they were 'putting the fixes in place' to calculate my final bill. I only owe them pennies.

    To balance out the being tough, this week's quotes are from a lovely little book called 'When I learned to love myself enough' by Kim McMillen

    When I learned to love myself enough
    I learned to meet my own
    needs and not call it selfish.
    Think yourselves lucky. I was stuck in the children's library earlier and you nearly got the wit and wisdom of Tracy Beaker.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Checking in with my first NSD of the month. :D It almost wasn't but went to get my purse out of my school bag and realised I'd left it at home so I couldn't buy anything. It's big dd day as well but I don't count those. The budget is done for the month and is as tight as ever but fingers crossed, doable.
    I'm still not that good at staying stress free - I've lost my temper a few times today. Compassion fatigue I'm told it's called - it's exhausting. The quotes are going to be fantastic mothernerd - thank you.
    I have an urgent house job to do - the front door frame needs repairing. Thanks to the lovely folk on here I'm willing to give it a go - just need to buy the wood filler now.
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    Savvy Shopper! I've been Money Tipped!
    Great quote Mothernerd. Really hope your new eating plan works well for you too.
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

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    Achieved my first NSD today :D

    I have had a good clean of the house and only have to vacuum tomorrow as DH has promised to do the bathroom as I am away overnight with work. My aim this month is to keep it at this level of clean and tidy as we have no repairs/maintenance to do.

    The house went back on the market yesterday and I have had 2 offers from a person who offered last time and 3 viewings lined up starting Thursday.

    Tomorrow will be a spend day as DS needs jarmas for book day at school. He got lots of lovely pairs for Christmas but most are now 2-3 inches too short in the leg:eek: I also need 2 air fresher refills and a mothers day card as I want to post it in plenty of time.
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    Hi everyone
    Well first sfd done, went down to the lottie and did an hours digging and weeding so I am counting that as my exercise (I must start planting my seeds indoors soon, but its still so cold, especially up this hill)

    Out for the day tomorrow, going with dd who has an appointment in another town so having a lift and look around. I wont be there too long so I'm not taking my flask - may change my mind by the morning.

    Going to put £108 in grocery purse to how I get on, I really need to get this amount down to something more reasonable, I will have £20 for craft stuff (sewing and knitting) and the same for the lottie as I need some potting compost.

    Anyway I'm off to bed as I need an early night to get rid of this headache I have.
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    mothernerd can I have number please? :)

    NSD today. Have spent the day sorting out my friends cupboards. We do carboot sales together and as he's moving, hopefully at the end of the month, I'm helping with de-cluttering and compiling things to sell. :D
    I've done my usual 3 miles hike and will be doing extra where I can, to up my physical fitness regime. :)
    I've eaten at my friends house today so haven't had to break into my food stash!
    Tomorrow I'm babysitting, but will getting out and about...weather permitting...with my GD 2 in tow. I can walk for mile's while pushing a pushchair! :p
    I'm feeling really tired now so I will have wish you all goodnight! :A
    Living a frugal retirement without treading on the planet :T
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