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Hi everyone,

I'm here for the long haul having joined the site only a few days ago. I did find this site a few years ago but obviously wasn't eager enough to change back then. I'm fired up now more than ever and determined to get out of a huge financial mess. Husband (going to call him Ant from now on) is not wanting to face up to things yet. He knows we are in a mess but just wants us both to earn more. I am wanting to cancel things we don't need but he wants to keep them. Wish me luck there.

My main motivation for clearing these debts is a desperate desire to be a home owner. We have probably run out of time but I am determined to do everything we can to try and get there. I am now moving over from the debt free wannabe site where everyone has been fabulous. I really hope I see some familiar names on here:wave::wave:

Here is my initial thread:


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    Good luck with it all shall subscribe
  • Best of luck! I've subscribed.
    Overall Goal: Debt Free by 2019:
    Total Debt on Jan 1st 2016 £36415Amount paid off so far: £0
    Amount remaining to pay off: £36415
  • Thanks everyone. Well tonight was supposed to be spent setting up my website for a new working venture. I have been studying for the last few years and am now qualified so determined to get started. It's going to be really tough as I have several young children but I have the passion so that's the start. I am hoping to get my first few clients in the next few weeks. I seem to have spent the last half hour procrastinating yet again and reading inspiring stories of Richard Branson. Not sure how I stumbled upon him tonight. I am great at what I do but hopeless at creating facebook pages/websites. I wish I had the money to get someone to help me but that is not going to happen. Think I'll do another fifteen minutes and get to bed.

    And tonight's quote I am taking with me:

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
    - Buckminster Fuller
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    Hi FT :hello:
    I'm one of the silent lurkers from your main thread - have just subscribed to follow your journey. I wish you the very best of luck and really hope that your dh has his lbm very soon indeed.
    I have been in a similar situation in terms of having a dh whose priorities in life were not debt busting but enjoying the things he wanted because he'd earned them. Things have changed now and we're both finally on the same side, but only very recently. I paid the entirety of our debt off without him being onside, so it is doable, but can be utterly exhausting.
    Keep posting on here - there is so much support and so many fantastic people. Plus, having a diary you can get everything out and nobody will judge you for it.
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    Hi FwdThinking

    I also read your thread and have subscribed to hopefully cheer you on. I think you're brave to be trying hard to make changes when your oh is not yet on board.

    I do think earning your own money will be good for you not just in terms of your household income but for your own self esteem. Good luck with that. As I think another poster said, this is your life too and you have every right to have a say in how its run.

    All the best Surg xx
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    Hi there am also subscribing for your journey. Read your previous post and wishing you all the very best. :T
  • Subscribed! All the best :)
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    So are you starting your debt free life with the big changes or the little changes? What will motivate you more? In your position id start with the big changes so I feel like the whole family can see the change and so I felt committed and like I can't go backwards or stop. By this of course I mean the move and the car.
    If however you need to start small what are your ideas??
    Keep going. It's hard when you're faced with a hubby who just says but we work all the time. I do understand :) mines the same xxx
    Loan 1 £5200/£8000
    Loan 2 £300/£5800
    Total £5500/£13800
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    Good luck! I have silently lurked on your other thread as well. When you're talking big numbers like yours hopefully you can save in 2 or 3 areas to buy the car and wham already over £600 a month saved on the hire car. Things like that are huge and will really help to show a difference almost immediately.

    I came to seek this out as your story is one of the most engaging I've seen for a while so really glad to see you've got going on here as well :)
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