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    What Iron are you running?
    It gets lot easier and quicker if using steam generator.

    The trick I use with shirt sleeve is use the seam as a guide.
    start at the shirt end doing the sleeve seam up to the shoulder joints, then run down the sleeve seam towards the cuff with the cuff in other hand slightly raised and keeping the sleeve taught then iron out to the crease you want to make starting at shirt end down to cuff.

    Loads of video on-line.

    Tesco were doing Branston beans 4pack for 64p, normal cheap price is £1.27

    There sill seems to be a disconnect that not all the income is for spending some needs to go towards paying off the old debts.

    Even with a few £100 cut from the groceries/household you won't be on beans

    perhaps if he had been eating beans when there was no income it would not be so bad :)

    I think there may be little sign of breaking through the use of the other extreme is defensive.

    Did you need to increase borrowing in Jan?
    What's it looking like for Feb.
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    Another lurker following you over from your previous thread. I have subscribed. ��
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    What a long evening you had FT. Personally with such a large family I would split the ironing and do it over the week, no more than an hour at a time. You will get better and quicker at it in time. Shirts are easier if you put them on hangers after getting them out of the machine rather than dumping them in a basket. Hopefully when your oh sees how much you are trying he will get on board. How will you explain new car from in laws?
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    One of the most important things to remember is to be kind to yourself Forward Thinking. You are taking on a lot at the moment and although I think Ant may well come round it's likely you're going to be the one that keeps you both on track for the longer term. This journey will be ten times harder if you are poorly.

    As for the ironing, well done and it will get easier. Remind yourself that it is the credit card companies paying for your ironer at the moment as you are overspending. You're not actually pay for this yourselves.
  • My bedding has never seen an iron. It gets washed, hung out to dry (or tumbled if it's winter) and then folded and put away....or most times just put back on the bed. I only iron school shirts (if they need it) and occasionally my jeans if the dry has crumpled them a bit too much, otherwise my iron is firmly in the cupboard. I try to get the stuff out of the dryer as quick as I can when it's finished so it doesn't sit there and folding whilst warm seems to stop most things creasing badly.
    But bedding? Nope. Not ironing that. :D Give yourself a break. Go to bed in unironed bedding ....bet no one notices.......:D
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    As for your husbands ego, it does very much sound like he is motivated to keep up with the Jones's. He does work hard, he commands a wage that most of us can only dream of and he wants to live a life that reflects that.

    But it's all smoke and mirrors at the moment isn't it! He rents a nice house and a nice car, but he doesn't own these things. In fact he's increasing his debt month on month to keep up this pretence. It's all for show. Does he honestly think his contracting colleagues are in the same financial position as him? Because they probably aren't! They are most likely on a path to financial security, paying a mortgage and saving for that rainy day (the breaks between contracts that inevitably come).

    My husband is the big ticket spender in our household and I'm the voice of reason. I reign him in with honest talking, humour, sharp quips and a good dose of sarcasm (as you can probably tell from my posts). The above paragraph is the sort of thing I would say to him. I don't get angry, I say some of it in jest and he goes away to digest it all. Deep down he agrees with me. He wants to have something to show for his 50 hour working week (our own house, savings in the bank and financial independence).

    You are taking the first steps on a journey that could change your situation for the better. You will get there a lot faster if he joins you for the ride.
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    Ironing both sides of a duvet ? Why ? Just iron the side thats seen. I never iron sheets either. School shirts are never ironed, my daughter wears them under her jumper so no point. I hang them up to dry straight from the washer. My son lives just up the road from me, he turns up with his ironing as he hates it. He brought 14 shirts last week for me to iron, it took me just over an hour, the more you do the quicker you get !

    Although i have to admit, i love ironing ! Telly or music on, wine poured, think of it as an upper body work out ! Should probably give the wine a miss i suppose ! I have a steam generator iron, don't think i could use a normal iron now.
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    meer53 wrote: »
    Ironing both sides of a duvet ? Why ? Just iron the side thats seen. I never iron sheets either.

    It has honestly never occurred to me to iron my duvet or sheets! The only time I would seriously consider doing this is when I sell my house, which is another good reason to stay put.
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    Another one here who read your posts on dfw and has followed you over to here. I fully agree with the poster who suggested finding Hypnos diaries, she's a legend around here, had over £100k debt at one point and through sheer bloody hard work cleared the lot. I have so much respect for her, apart from her choice of football team ;)

    As you go through your journey you will find all sorts of little ways of saving a few pounds here and there and these boards, not just the debt free bits, are invaluable for that.

    Good luck, make sure you sign up to quidco / topcashback etc, use your loyalty cards whenever you do need to shop at a supermarket etc, all little bits that make a big difference over the course of the year xx
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  • For the love of God don't iron duvet covers!!!! A good shake & hang to dry - they'll be fine!
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