A Diary of Reinventing Ourselves

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  • Thanks everyone. And thanks Turtle for your kind comment. I'm wondering if I have moved over here too early as it's a bit quiet on here and I was really firing myself up with the support on the other forum. Really missing m4rc and getmore4less - where are you? Your insights are so valuable - plus several others of you.

    Well I have just spent the last hour in tears on the phone to my mother in law. Not my usual style but I really have felt so frustrated today - that I am desperate to change things but can't do it on my own.

    I'm going to have to do this on my own. The cleaner and ironer are not coming back (shame as they are lovely). I will take husband's wrath for that but that's ok.

    Dad-in-law is going to buy us a car!!! He's told me to look for one and he will too. Can't believe how wonderful that news is to my ears!!!!!! He's told me not to bother telling husband and that we will just do it together. They have both been so lovely and I feel so much better just for the chat. Feel a bit bad as husband is really a great man - just not facing up to things just yet. But hey, I don't feel on my own anymore.
  • Put a new diary here link in your old thread because they may not realise you've started a diary.
  • Thanks angelaf - have done.

    Husband is singing away loudly in the kitchen with the radio on. Song is "all I have to do is dream, dream, dream, dream...." He certainly is........ Made me smile.
  • lynnejklynnejk Forumite
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    Welcome to the rest of your life :D

    Keep going and good luck with it all

    Brilliant news re the car

    Back laters
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    OS WL= -2/8 ......CC =00......Savings = £13,140
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    Subscribed. Best of luck FT, you can do this :)
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    I too am a lurker from your other thread. I also have 5 children. About 14 years ago we went from having an income of around £1200 per week to less than £200, almost overnight! We had no debt but did have a mortgage. We survived, have now paid off the mortgage, sold up, and are living the dream in rural serenity with 2 of the children, one son in law and one, soon to be two, grandchild. You can do this and come out the other side smiling. I am going to subscribe and follow your progress. I thought you might have titled your diary "messing in the teaspoon drawer". M2m.
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    Nice idea from the FIL just watch the timing so you don't get it just after he signs for another month hire.

    The reality is you have £650 towards the new car if you get the timing right.
  • Hi, have followed you over from Debt Free Wannabe. I can't wait for your OH to have his Light Bulb Moment :)

    Great news on the car, good luck .

  • mumtoomany - love that idea. Think we need to start with the teaspoons and then move on to the white goods - this diary will be here for a couple of years so I'll look beyond the teaspoons.....
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    Absolutely fantastic news on the car and your PiLs. They clearly know their son very well, however big he is!
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