A Diary of Reinventing Ourselves

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    Might be time that OH is old enough to start listening to his parents.
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    Hiya Forward Thinking

    Just wondered if it might be an idea to 'quote' the lovely re-make of your original SOA that Pixie did for you on previous thread over onto this thread. Think you will have to use the 'Multi-quote' balloons button to cross post.

    You could delete all the original N/As and then you could put in a different colour - next to original - savings you have made in your first week already :T :T

    You might find this motivating heading into the second week eh ;)
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    I would just do an updated one.

    All that will happen is stuff that has been fixed shows wrong numbers.
    (and new people will pick up on them)
    Misread above post suggesting before & after.
  • Hi FT, just checking in..I'm still here with you.
    Amazing news about the car!!
    PAYDBX 2016 #55 100% paid! :j Officially bad debt free...don't count my mortgage.
    Now to start saving...it's a whole new world!!
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    Another silent lurker following you over here - I have subscribed.

    Keep going. You sound so determined I know you'll get there.

    MFW Challenge 2019 - £2,420 / £2,420 - 100% :T
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    I'm another lurker on your previous thread. We were in your position a few years ago but we did have a mortgage. Hubby was earning loads contracting & we were living WAY beyond our means. Work dried up and we had to change our lives.

    Roll forward a few frugal years and we got through it - you will too!

    Good luck :D
    10lb to lose & keep off in 20204.5lb/10lb:rotfl:
  • Thanks everyone. Just had a call to say hopefully they will have a car for us this time next week. Dad is going to look at two. Can't believe how amazing they have been. They want me to not mention it to husband as he might scupper it. My mum in law was so cross when we chatted and I felt a bit guilty. It's her son after all but she said he isn't too old to get a telling off!! Husband just went out shopping a second time and came back with a jar of mango chutney, poppodoms and 5 chocolate lions (all £1 each - so £5 on tiny chocolate lions!!).

    Feeling a bit nauseaous tonight. Still fired up but realising this isnt going to be a walk in the park on my own. Will be facing my huge pile of ironing tonight and working on my website to pull in some clients. Will update the SOA although I know I am going to get a battering as my medical insurance is still there. I'm hanging on to that for dear life and would prefer to go without everything else to keep that for us. I lost my sister when I was little and I absolutely detest going in big hospitals.

    Will update you later. Thanks for making this journey less lonely!
  • Following & cheering!
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    Hi Forward Thinking

    I'm here to cheer you on too and have subscribed.

    Your hubby might not be on board yet but you have this thread to vent and ask for advice.

    Stay strong and keep reminding your husband of that massive monthly overspend. He won't thank you now but give it time and hopefully he will come round.

    Well done on cancelling the cleaner and the ironer. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to maintain their standardseither.. My son has been out today in a creased T-shirt and hoody and I'm fairly sure I ironed more creases into his trousers than removed. But he was a happy little chappy, which is the important thing.

    Can I ask how you plan on earning/building your business whilst having so many young children? What's the plan in terms of childcare and working hours? When do you intend to see clients?
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    Just a couple of thoughts from me. My ex walked out on me and our children when my youngest was 2. He paid maintenance until she was 10 when he decided that he would jack his £100,000 + job to fight for custody of the 2 children he had with the floozie he left me for. She'd left him. Hence, no maintenance for me and i had to take on the mortgage in my sole name and start working full time. Financial changes had to be made very quickly as i was now £1200 a month down !

    I started shopping at Aldi/Lidl. One week just out of curiosity i cross checked my Aldi receipt against what it would have been in Tesco. Aldi - full shop - £49. Tesco - same shop - £97 !!! I was gobsmacked. Never done a full shop at Tesco or any other of the big supermarkets since. Try it, you'll save loads.

    The other thing i wanted to mention was the private health insurance thing. I have private health insurance with my job. Last year i was taken to a & e with pains in my stomach. I thought it was an ulcer but it was my gall bladder. Within an hour of arriving at a & e i was on a ward on a drip. I can't praise the NHS enough, they're fantastic. They also saved the life of my daughter, she was premature, in hospital for 5 weeks after she was born and without the dedicated NHS staff wouldn't be here today. I just wanted to point out that if you or your children need urgent medical care, you will get it without having to pay for it.
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