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NST: February: Back to Basics.



  • Calling14
    Calling14 Posts: 3,498 Forumite
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    Hi turtles.

    I won't hang around for long as really in bad and feeling sorry for myself mood. Just had a horrible day in work.

    Today paid off £49 off cc1 and £100 off one spent on lately.

    Xspender hope your offer gets accepted.

    Dolly how many trips do kiddies go on nowadays? When I was little we used to pay weekly for any trips together with dinner money.

    Nannygladys I joined the national Trust online. Usually offers on. To be honest used my membership so much for days out. Luckily nice gardens near , different at all times of the year. Does work out cheaper day out and grandson gets in free.

    Funbrum. £15 Food perhaps we should be doing food donation to you. How are you going to manage that! Good luck.

    Going back to being a grump, and watch box sets. Think trying to diet has made me worse x
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  • crazy_cat_lady
    Evening all :D Just a quick check in from me this evening. I'm enjoying some hard earned down time watching tv while the boys are at football. I read an article today - something like 12 signs that you have chronic stress. I was a bit shocked to see that I ticked 11 of the boxes so it's made me more determined than ever that I'm going to spend time winding down in the evening. Whether that's exercise, craft, budgeting or being on here I don't mind, but it cannot be all work and family worries.
    Bagged another nsd today and predict lots more coming up this month.
  • Eager_Elephant
    Sorry not to have posted my goals before today but I was banned:eek:
    Managed to get it sorted overnight but I am still not sure what I did wrong!!

    NST: February: Back to Basics.

    What is important to you? That is what you will naturally focus on and that is what will take up most of your energy, so choose wisely. Keep your eyes on that goal this month. What will you fill your head with this month? Remove excuses, unsatisfying filler activities (tv, FB, PC time) and dedicate time to your chosen focus. My allotment is very important to me but I can only get up there at weekends as I work full time. I never get the time to watch TV and always have loads to watch on the planner and then panic when it gets full. I will cut down on my computer time and watch some TV with DH and on alternate nights I will go to bed early and read – I so miss reading!!
    • Cut back to the basics. Be austere. Definitely back to the basics this month.
    • When is your Debt Free Date? How much do you need to pay each month to achieve this? Can you bring this date forward? What are the consequences of not meeting this date? My DFD is far, far away!!! All my debt is on 0%, one ends in about 19mths and the other is a defaulted debt so will always be 0%. I am saving in various pots including a Help2Buy ISA so all spare money will go in here and I will pay off my credit card when the 0% expires. The only consequence of not paying off my 0% is that I will be charged interest which I don’t want so it won’t happen!!

    Food: If your cupboards are stuffed, then you are to hone and tone them. Be creative in your concoctions. Downshift brands. Set your budget and stick to it. Can you reduce it by 10% We had managed to eat the cupboards down quite well and I did a monthly shop on 31/1 so we are well stocked again. My budget for 4 weeks is £350 for 4 people. I only have £8.50 to last until 14th Feb.

    Every penny has a purpose and a job. Allocate a role to them all. Pay to your debt/savings first. Do not give your money to coffee shops, canteens, vending machines, corner shops, takeaway outlets. Budget before the month starts and ensure you compensate for food, vehicle malfunctions, birthdays, travel, outings. And cut it back to the bone. I have done my YNAB budget and every penny has a job – I just need to update with the DD’s which came out yesterday and move my money into savings.

    Buy a homeless person a tea/coffee; donate to a foodbank or the trussell trust; volunteer. I am already on 2 committees so volunteer my time but will donate to a food bank. I don’t buy drinks for homeless people as it encourages them to beg on the streets when we have drop in centres for them to go to and to engage with to get off the streets. (Sorry if this offends but I work with a lot of vulnerable people and I know that the majority of the people on the streets in my town actually have somewhere to live but they beg to fund drug and alcohol habits)

    Recharge your batteries. The lighter days are coming. Do what you need to do to lift your mood (that involves no spending…!) Do it 5 times per week. So, clear stuff out and recycle it/give it away/donate it; sort out the paperwork that bothers you; exercise; listen to music; dance. Reading and watching TV will lift my mood as I rarely do it.

    Use what you have before replenishing eg toiletries, cleaning products. Use up your freezer and cupboard stocks. Plan your meals. Take your lunch to work every single day you are there. For some reason I have never had excess food, toiletries etc so I only buy what I need for the month and the monthly shop is in so we might look excessive but will all be used by end of Feb.
    I have to take my lunch to work every day otherwise I lose a NSD!!

    Avoid the virus that puts the over-riding feeling of ‘want’ beyond what you actually ‘need’, that makes us spend, waste food, accumulate debts. Weigh up every spend and if you decide to buy it, keep a note of it in your notebook. I rarely buy anything but may have to get DH an anniversary present!

    Reduce your outings. You cannot afford to go out every weekend! Arrange them before the month starts and cut by 1. Can you do it cheaper? I rarely go out – long gone are the nightclubs every weekend!! Hopefully I will meet my friend for a meal again and also it is my anniversary so I think we might go for a meal or maybe get a takeaway.

    Yellow stickers are your friend. If you need to use these or can get to a supermarket at the right time, then set yourself no NSD target (but keep within your budget). For those who prefer rules, you have to get 16 NSDs (not lost if you need medication, fuel, regular activities that need paying weekly or only buy reduced items) I need to stay away from supermarkets to keep my NSD’s so I will be aiming for 16 NSD’s.

    Who is with me?

    I am!!

    Thanks apple for running the thread!!
  • Eager_Elephant
    Today is my 2nd NSD:j

    I thought yesterday would be a spend day as had a committee meeting in a pub but luckily someone else offered to get me a drink:T

    Tomorrow should be a NSD although I have someone coming to look at the lounge floor as it is rotted:eek: so not sure what the outcome of that will be plus I want to get tickets for a local am dram panto which is always a great laugh. if I get time I will try and get out to get the tickets.
  • themarsbargirl
    Spend day again today. Also haven't yet done any work on dissertation or my walking. The reason for this is that I woke up, went straight to meeting at uni, went to friends house to drop off a wallpaper stripper and meet her new baby, went to the caravan to clear more stuff out of there, got home about 5 and just fell asleep, only just waking up now which I'm hoping won't mean I'm up all night and don't fall asleep until 6am.
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  • The_Only_Girl
    Hello and good evening February turtles!

    2 spendy days in a row grrrr. Not huge spends (£3.67 yesterday and £8.75 today). With the greatest will in the world to do good, have a meal plan, batch cook, diarise NSD's, etc, no NSD was to be had. The hungry hippos ate one loaf of bread between them on Monday so we were forced to buy 2 new loaves for packed lunches and breakfasts, a couple of ys goodies yesterday and today I was planning to cook spaghetti bolognaise but forgot to buy the spaghetti during our weekly shop on Sunday. So I asked hubby to pass by aldee on his way home with specific instruction to buy the 20p pack. But guess what he turned up with 2 carrier bags and spent £8.75. In his defence, that included cold and flu sachets as he is miserably down with the flu and a few comfort foods. I let him off especially a she handed me a handful of wombled receipts already uploaded on cos and csnap (18p earned as cashback). No road kill today. I did see a couple of copper coins thrown by colleagues and now by the bulletin board but I was too embarrassed to pick them up. My professional integrity is worth more than 2p and it's not good to get caught or accused of stealing. :(
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  • The_Only_Girl
    Spend day again today. Also haven't yet done any work on dissertation or my walking. The reason for this is that I woke up, went straight to meeting at uni, went to friends house to drop off a wallpaper stripper and meet her new baby, went to the caravan to clear more stuff out of there, got home about 5 and just fell asleep, only just waking up now which I'm hoping won't mean I'm up all night and don't fall asleep until 6am.

    Looks like I'm not the only one who hasn't earned any NSD's so far. Don't worry, marsbarsgirl we still have the rest of the month to plan to do better. Wishing you all the best on your dissertation.

    Hubby and I had a lovely Sunday morning doing our first walk together with the hope of doing at least 2 or 3 evening walks but with him coming down with the flu and with the strong winds, the likelihood of the subsequent sessions is looking pretty slim. And I am starting to feel the beginning of a sore throat. Fingers crossed I will be able to nip it in the bud.

    Good night folks. Have a good night's rest.
    "There is Life AFTER DEBT."LBM 2009 Total Debt £49046.24 Debt Free as of 27/08/2015
  • mothernerd
    mothernerd Posts: 4,830 Forumite
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    Caught the bus down to the hovel early to wait for the charity shop man. As this meant I lost a NSD I've done a mini shop this evening and spent £2.30.

    Man came in the first hour and took all except one bag (dreaded woodchip paper) but did take a small oil-filled radiator that would otherwise have been destined for the tip.

    Walked back home even though I was a bit wobbly so exercise is definitely doing well (longish walk so on track for improving walking distance).

    Had a much needed rest this afternoon (other people have mentioned being kept awake by the wind so that might be why I slept poorly). I have put away some cleaning materials (needed to make room for them), put out the bins, cooked a batch of mini quiches (using what I have, some for the fridge and some for the freezer) and opened some tins (recycling bin going tomorrow and now when I look in the fridge I see meal ideas - tuna and sweetcorn for sandwiches, beans for bean salad and Mexican rice salad, beans on toast - to get through the next few days). Also put bins out at the hovel.

    Eleven items taken to the charity bank in the library (mine this time not mum's). So I have done a little of everything - exercise, clutter clearing, kitchen sorting, cooking and meal planning and recharging my batteries. Not sure if it's sufficiently focused but it all helps towards my goals.

    I am in my night clothes already and planning to sleep soon.

    Today I am grateful for charity shops and their workers, for 10 p bargains and resting and reading.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • misstara
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    Annoyed at myself as was all set for a NSD and then ruined it by buying chocolate - it's been a very stressful day at work :( and wanted a wee treat. Hugs Calling I feel your pain re work.

    £5 bank account reward went in today so have paid that towards the debt :D
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  • stewby
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    Will post today as not sure when I will next post. Work still quite challenging although I have been managing. However, two of the people making me struggle are on shift tomorrow so I am already getting stressed and panicking.
    On the plus side, it is my last shift until next Monday so hopefully, if it does go very very wrong, I can recover by then.

    Spend-free day yesterday but it was a spendy day today as we have ran out of "me food". Plenty in the freezer for OH though.

    I was given my birthday present early today... a cross trainer (my dad found it on a second hand site and got it for me). Had been looking at one for a while as I don't like going outside to exercise. I can be quite paranoid about the way I look and feel like everyone is judging or staring when I am exercising.
    They don't have room at their house so I have gotten it early and have already had a play. It's great.

    Wish me luck for tomorrow. Only one more day to go.
    Hugs to you all.
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