Money Moral Dilemma: Should I buy a cheaper engagement ring?

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My girlfriend's expecting me to spend a certain amount on her engagement ring, but I've found a nice one for a chunk less. Should I just buy it and not tell her how much it cost, or stump up the cash for a more expensive one?
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  • gayleygoo
    I find it odd that she would specify the price in the first place, but anyhoo.

    Since youse have already discussed the engagement ring, why not discuss it again? Be honest and say you think you've found the perfect ring, and it's cheaper than you thought it would be. How much does the cost matter?

    How does insurance work? If you have to submit a receipt to an insurance company (I don't know if you do), she may well find out later!

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  • Georgiegirl256
    I can already hazard a guess how this thread is going to turn out....
  • Alikay
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    Bit grabby for her to specify the sort of amount she expects you to spend on her ring, but if the ring you've seen isn't what she wants then you'll be wasting your money as she'll be disappointed with it.

    Talking to her about it is the best option.
  • Jacko_amz
    you should spend whatever you can afford on an engagement ring, its the sentiment behind it that holds the value. I recently said to my OH if he is planning to propose i would be happy with a ring from pandora at £50!

    it really shouldn't matter about the price and it says something about her if shes going to scrutinizing it! x
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  • onlyroz
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    I'm a bit bemused about how cost came up in the first place. Sounds like my mum who hands me a Christmas present and says something like "I got it half price" or "I bought it from Poundland". How much the ring costs is none of her business, unless you try to claim it's something that it's not, e.g. by pretending it's a higher quality than it actually is.
  • fairy_lights
    What?! Do people really specify how much they want their significant other to spend on a ring now? Is she really more concerned about the cost of the ring than the look or it or the thought behind it?
  • pigpen
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    She'd not get one at all if she was being that grabby... since when did engagements get planned?? and prices specified? rude much??

    I'd be happy with a haribo ring because it is what it symbolises that counts not the price tag.

    I foresee a life of debt, over spending living beyond your means and want want want..

    But I'm bit of a cynic :p and a witch :p
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  • LilElvis
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    Poor Nick! To be faced with such a dilemma must be very trying.

    Perhaps ask Martin for a pay rise.
  • VfM4meplse
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    pigpen wrote: »
    I'd be happy with a haribo ring because it is what it symbolises that counts


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  • Petra_70
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    Who IS this moneysaver, and where and when did they ask this question? :huh:

    Anyway, that aside, if I were a man, and any woman I was dating demanded that I spend a certain allocated amount on an engagement ring for her, she would be my ex rather sharpish.

    Imagine what a bridezilla she will be? And even worse, what a nightmare demanding wife she will be? I don't want a house unless it's worth seven figures, I don't want a car unless it's worth six figures, I only want Armani and D & G fashions in this house, I won't go to any hairdresser unless they charge at least 100 pounds for a haircut.

    Seriously, what man would want a nightmare woman like THIS?! Telling him he absolutely MUST spend a 'certain amount' on an engagement ring. [Text removed by MSE Forum Team] :rotfl:

    That's if this 'dilemma' is even real. ;)
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