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Supermarket's Own Brand Value Ranges Disappearing?



  • VeGGie-STyLeVeGGie-STyLe Forumite
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    Mr_Toad wrote: »
    Having tried many brands over the years I finally settled on Tesco own brand ketchup.

    When I went shopping last week they didn't have any on the shelves so thinking that I just needed to wait for a restock I left it.

    I went again yesterday and still no own brand ketchup so I have done a little digging and it seems they've killed it off.

    Due to competition from the likes of Aldi and Lidl they are rationalizing what they sell. In reality it looks like they are moving to expensive branded ketchup only.

    My local Tesco Extra had Heinz, Hellmans plus some even more expensive ketchup. They do still have the value ketchup, but I'm not keen on that one and the own brand reduced sugar version but that's the same price a the Heinz.

    I really do hope this cynical attempt to raise flagging profits backfires. With a business plan like this it's hardly surprising that budget supermarkets are carving chunks out of their business. I for one will not be buying expensive brands that I don't really like.

    100% agreed. The disappearing ketchup really irritated me too. They don't even have the value one at my local store anymore. It's all shelves upon shelves of Heinz. With a few Hellmans at the bottom.
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    Just checked my local Tesco Extra to see how many Everyday Value items they stock and came up with 375! However, lots of them are things that I don't think of as essential i.e. a much larger range of microwave ready meals, stationery, tableware etc. They still have listed lemonade, yoghurts and cat litter all mentioned in previous posts.

    As long as the porridge oats don't go I can cope. They've been 75p for the last 5 years.
    Just when I'm about to make ends meet, somebody moves the ends
  • Comparing several basic foods as I often do Tesco's have been quite pricey for some years now. This means that although I still visit Tesco most weeks, I restrict my purchases to the bargain areas because I know that for the vast majority of items, Lidl and Aldi will be at least 15% cheaper and often more. Lidl is of course the best, just beating Aldi by a few pence here and there and having slightly better quality. I did actually do a straight comparison on a £60 shopping basket a couple of years ago, Lidl vs ASDA and Tesco. Lidl gave me £12 cheaper than Tesco and £9 cheaper than ASDA so it's a no brainer in my opinion. There are a few items which can't be gotten in Lidl or Aldi so of course we get those from ASDA which is only 1/2 mile away from the Lidl Store.
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    My local Tesco stores have stopped doing a lot of their EV range, including my favourites, the multigrain crackers :( (I'm yet to find a replacement that are as nice :( ) I'm not keen on a lot of EV things (and since it appears they're doing away with them anyway, probably just as well!) but noticed today on the "to clear" shelves the tins of EV baked beans. IIRC the price was 24p a tin. So if you like these, then it may be worth a look at your store and get em while you can :)
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    I noticed today that the Everyday Value frozen ready meals had been replaced with standard Tesco ready meals, in more colourful packaging. Same price and same size.

    Seems they are trying to give the impression of getting a better product (which may or may not be true, I don't know) for the same price.
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    This article has some useful information, including brand names for the EV replacements

    As in the post above, Suntrail Farms grapes are the same size & price as the old EV ones.
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    It was mentioned somewhere that stores appear to be discontinuing their economy ranges ie. T.value, basics, savers etc. As these reach the end of availability stocks will be on a clearance price. For instance, today I stocked up with Sainsburys basics soups @10p a tin.....vegetable, and creamed chicken.
    Maybe others would like to share their finds.
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    I know Sainsburys have dropped the basic label of their 20% beef mince and labelled it like the other beef mince and its the same price.

    Had to point that out to a fellow customer a few weeks ago.
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    Looks like Sainsbury dried milk powder is finished. One of the staff said his machine shows no longer available.
    Maybe will come back as new packaging, or new weight and probably new price.
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    I know Sainsburys have dropped the basic label of their 20% beef mince and labelled it like the other beef mince and its the same price.

    Had to point that out to a fellow customer a few weeks ago.

    Its that odd thing of some customers won't buy it if it is labelled basics/value but the same product at the same price but with regular label, they will purchase.
    But other customers if they don't see the basics label they assume it is a more expensive product, even without looking at the price.

    Just depends if you are quality or value focused I guess.
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