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Supermarket's Own Brand Value Ranges Disappearing?



  • roxy28roxy28 Forumite
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    I noticed on tuesday under some everyday value products, there was a orange star on the shelf, may be nothing or is this the asterix warning of soon to be withdrawn items.

    Going in again tommorow i will try to grab a shelf stacker and see what they say.
    There may be more orange stars under non value items but i was a bit rushed to check.
    My first thought though was star buys lol.
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    S_ukS_uk Forumite
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    I noticed today one of those orange star labels under their own brand mouthwash. The EV mouthwash wasn't there so that must be another one gone.
  • so_very_confusedso_very_confused Forumite
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    In Tesco today after reading this thread in the am noted orange stars everywhere!
    They have also stopped stocking the delicous salted mixed nuts that were about £1.25, only similar are T's at £1.69........oh well back to Aldi!:)
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  • kipperskippers Forumite
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    Value bourbons stopped as well....I just buy the things I want from Aldi now rather than paying extra for the higher brand products at Tesco....I really think Tesco will lose out by withdrawing all the cheaper products, especially with money savers like us lol
  • tizerbelle wrote: »
    The Everyday Value Sugar Free Lemonade - 17p for 2 litres has vanished - not been able to get it since the end of August. I now have to buy the next one up at 40p for 2 litres and it is nowhere near as good
    I can still buy this and do regularly, last bought some on the weekend. Have you found it again after Christmas?
  • Value Cat Litter has disappeared from my local Tesco Extra this week (bought some on Sat), and is no longer available online. Shame as it is the one that suits my cat the best!
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  • Value Cat Litter has disappeared from my local Tesco Extra this week (bought some on Sat), and is no longer available online. Shame as it is the one that suits my cat the best!
    have you tried the woodchip one from home bargains? It is really good and good value too.
  • I haven't been able to find the EV curry powder or pitta breads for months now, such a shame, as they were in my Favourites Folder but disappeared months ago.
  • JackieO wrote: »
    I think that Tescos are feeling the efeects of people voting with their feet and using aldis and lidls My nearest Lidls in Sittingbourne is amazing and not only great value but spotlessly clean.The staff are friendly and very helpful unlike the grumpy staff at the huge Tescos in Gillingham who sadly are not interested in customer care it seems I would rather drive the five miles to get better value and service than one mile to where customers are the least important people.

    Same here, the lidl staff are great, nothing too much bother , I use cardboard boxes to take my birds to the auctions etc.. And they keep some for me now.. And as I am in there most days , twice some days, they always smile and say hello..even when I got my farm clothes and wellies on lol.. In tesco they just look down their nose and me, and when I asked about boxes , I didn't even finish my sentance and they said no..

    I feel they are a big national, but with a feel of a local shop if that makes sense
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  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    EV 2L sugar free lemonade still available in my fulfilment store.

    Sainsburys had supply issues just a few months ago with value cat litter so I think there is a small possibility Tesco have now hit this problem.
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