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Five OS Pleasures in your day today

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  • ArilAril Forumite
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    1. HM low fat turkey bake for tea made by OH. It's full of flavour and yummy.
    2. Having the small person asking "what's for tea?" and on being told it's the above replying "oh's home made"
    3. Ironing whilst watching HP and The Chamber of Secrets DVD picked up for the bargain rental price of £2 from the library [shall be multitasking then:D ]
    4.Writing up more recipes from Rose Elliot's Cheap and Easy into my OS recipe book
    5.Going to the library to see if I can find any of the OS books to order on the latest must have OS list from here!
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    Hi there everyone, hope your all having a good day

    Well my 5 would have to be.....

    1) hubby leaving for work with his packed lunch....very happy man as it is homemade bread :D

    2) waking up to no pots - as i now make sure everything in the kitchen is back in place before going to bed

    3) getting out of bed to find hubby has put last nights load of washing on the airer in the cellar(we have a laundryroom down there...oohhh its great) and has then put a fresh pot of coffee on for when i got up :T

    4) being able to sit x stitching - knowing that if anyone drops in the house looks like a new pin - for now...... im determined to keep on top of everything.... only been here 3 weeks so its a nice clean slate:D

    5) having my shopping list ready for when hubby gets in from work so we can get off and get it doing a challenge with dbelle - 80euro to feed me n hubby for a month:rotfl: :rotfl: ..... just to see if i can do it :A .. if so then when i get this months housekeeping next week i can save it all:j

    Well i had better let you all get on... have a good one
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  • JoeyEmmaJoeyEmma Forumite
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    1. Picking LOADS of blackberries first thing in the morning, with hot sun on my back and dew on my toes.
    2. Using blackberries to make a batch of jam
    3. Using blackberries to make Nigella's blackberry and apple kuchen (can't wait to have a cup of tea and a slice)

    That is it so far today!
  • tapladytaplady Forumite
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    1. picking runner beans from the garden for tea.
    2. washing drying on the line.
    3. shopping with a list and apart from a few bogofs sticking to it!
    4. eating homegrown cherry toms with my lunch
    5. checking on our first ever home grown butternut squash - nearly ready for picking!
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  • 1) a house i can invite people into happily with only a minimum of clutter hiding!

    2) not wasting the old veg that was reaching its peak but instead putting it in a soup which is currently making my house smell lovely

    3) cooking from scratch meaning that the baby can eat most of what we do and we very rarely need jars etc

    4)instead of putting my heating on (which costs a fortune) putting the TD on to dry the washing and heat the house (does that count as os? 2 jobs into 1?)

    5)watching my 2 year old put her apron on and say what jobs next mummy
  • 1. Watering tomato plants and pumpkin plants and planning what I will cook with them.
    2. Making a spicy plum sauce with the plums that were ready to run out the door as DS has suddenly "gone off" them. :rolleyes:
    3. Watching the washing blowing on the line in the afternoon sun, knowing that I will relish the smell and feel of climbing into a freshly laundered bed tonight.
    4. Cleaning my "outside" bin as it has been bugging me for weeks but this is the first opportunity I have had to make it *fragrant* again. :o (I also smiled smugly to myself as I noticed that at least 2 people in my street had paid to have this done today.)
    5. Having a very cheap day (spend-wise) but thoroughly enjoying DS and DD's company. They really know how to make me laugh.

    It's pay day tomorrow. I wonder what 5 things I will come across tomorrow? :confused:
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  • shell2001shell2001 Forumite
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    1. Going for a walk with the littles looking for blackberries (not ripe here yet), it involved wellies and waterproof all in ones but lovely to have the place to ourselves.

    2. Making a sauce with the handful of berries the girls managed to pick.

    3. Making HM rice pudding - very yummy! and watching girls pour the blackberry sauce they picked and made on it and eat it up.

    4. Not spending one single penny but having a really lovely day with the girls (no shouting at all by me or them:D - first day for a long time)

    5. Knowing that although the food budget has been spent I have more than enough food in to last till the end of the month and that we will enjoy all the HM baking goodies we make over the next week and a bit!

    This thread really does make me feel thankfull!
  • vixtressvixtress Forumite
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    1, yet another day of clothes drying on the line

    2, a collegue asking where i had bought that 'lovely looking sundried tomato bread' and being suitably impressed when told it was hm.

    3, throw it together, made up as i go along pork chop marinade was delicious.

    4, the kitchen floor is clean

    5, tomorrows lunch and dinner is in the fridge

    how did i ever manage being the most un-os person ever :confused:

    loveit loveit loveit :D
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  • TwigTwig Forumite
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    You wrote:

    4. taking bread out of the fridge in the morning to bake - that smell wakes me up while i'm getting ready

    I have been looking for a way of getting fresh bread for breakfast without a breadmaker. How do you do it? could you let me have the recipe please:D

  • whitewingwhitewing Forumite
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    1. seeing 2 washing up bowls and 2 carrier bags full of damsons in the kitchen; picked yesterday evening as the sun was setting.
    2. Seeing my son helping my brother all day outside and then being rewarded with an impromptu game of cricket using a found tennis ball and the nearest piece of pipe.
    3. Eating up the last of yesterday's sausage casserole.
    4. Buying the ingredients for home made trifle (haven't made one for years)
    5. Cuddles and kisses from OH as we get one step closer to buying a house together.
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