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Five OS Pleasures in your day today

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  • JillD_2JillD_2 Forumite
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    1. Playing football with kids on field in front of our house this morning
    2. Having all my antenatal (4 years on!) friends over to ours this afternoon
    3. A lovely kiss and cuddle from my DS(4) this morning when I was upset "Don't cry Mummy, come and sit on the sofa and watch Ice Age with us" :)
    4. HM potato wedges for tea - yum yum :p
    5. Lovely long bath tonight

    Gosh look at the time must get to bed
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  • Nancy888Nancy888 Forumite
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    1. Shopped for the week and everything in the trolley was a BOGOF or a reduced item
    2. Clothes outside to dry
    3. Meals planned for the next 4 weeks
    4. Fastened the hems up on DS2's school trousers
    5. Giving DS1 a HM birthday present this morning and hoping he wouldn't mind....:o then watching his face lighting up and telling me 'You're the best'
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  • Hardup_HesterHardup_Hester Forumite
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    My pleasures for today have been
    1) walking DGS to the lock to watch the boats going through
    2) walking DGS further along the river to feed the swans
    3) chasing DGS round a big field
    4) stopping at the park with DGS to find another 3 year old there & they played so well together.
    5) stripping & remaking the beds while DGS bounced on them & played hide & seek in the bedding, 'DGS saying these smell nice nana' about my line dried bedding.

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  • 1 Watching the weather turn very gradually from grey and wet to warm and dry, knowing that i should be able to do my washing at the weekend - I have about 4-5 loads

    2 Sitting on my back doorstep grading shallots into a) big enough for cooking, b) tiny, for use in HM piccallili, and c) medium size for pickled onions

    3 Peeling said shallots to soak in brine to make pickled onions over the weekend, not the most pleasant job, but well worth the effort

    4 DH coming home for lunch with colleague, and cooking home grown bubble and squeak with home produced eggs

    5 Knowing that my house is not only clean and tidy, but much more organised thanks to Flylady
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  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    1. a hug from OH this morning
    2. My healthy salad with hm dressing (balsamic vinegar mustard and honey) - lovely and low fat too.
    3. Tea is already defrosting in the fridge
    4. Food is planned for our return from holiday
    5. Finding out there is a dishwasher in our holiday cabin for next week :j
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  • SarahsaverSarahsaver Forumite
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    1. making blackberry jelly with berries from DH's (deceased) grandfather's garden!
    2. HM pizza for lunch, kids made theirs in weird shapes
    3. HM meatballs and pasta for tea
    4. sweeping my back garden nice and tidy
    5. my kids playing out on the pavement - quietly for once
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    I have done reading too!
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  • vijvij Forumite
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    1 - sending a box of kitchen bits I no longer need to someone who needs them.
    2 - cuddling up with my cats
    3 - seeing my next door neighbours little boy and her introducing me as the lady who took her to hospital
    4 - a little spend but getting my man his fave sweeties as a surprise 34p
    5 - cleaning and orgainising my desk at work (sad but Im looking forward to going in tomorrow to use it
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    Well here are my 5 for today

    1) getting hubbies uniform washed, out on the line and back in and folded again in under 2 hours:T

    2) nipping to the loo and realising that whilst i was up there it would only take 5 minutes and a micro cloth to make it all lovely and gleaming again... and that included giving the window a going over-inside and out!!! not a whole morning and heaven knows how many chemicals -which was what i was like before finding this site

    3) Hubby washing tea pots, drying, putting them away and then wipping around the kitchen and making sure everything is lovely n tidy...and all that without a word from me :j

    4) Having a big pan of peas soaking ready to cook tommorrow... mmmm i could live on em:D

    5) knowing that all my jobs are done for this week and i have no washing or anything to do so if i want to i can sit on my bum all weekend x stitching :j
    ooohhh and im gonna sneak a 6th one in :o .... having lost another 1.7kilo this week.... which im sure is down to a combination of cooking everything from scratch and doing more housework little n often.... beats the gym anyday:D
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  • Newgirl_2Newgirl_2 Forumite
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    Ooh... feel like I'm copying everyone else's but we must have all had a washing/homecooked/home grown day...

    1. Home made yoghurt for breakfast and home made lunch taken to work

    2. 3 washer loads all dried on the line, folded and ready to put away

    3. Packed bags ready to go to in-laws for a weekend of free (to us) eating/showering etc :j

    4. tied up own-grown tomatoes and eyed up all the little ones ready to ripen :T

    5. Tea fully serviced from freezer supplied - result!

    If I can throw in a bonus one.. came home for OH to tell me had done sinks with bicarb/vinegar without being prompted! Wow! :rotfl:

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