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Five OS Pleasures in your day today

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  • daisyroots_2daisyroots_2 Forumite
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    Today we got up early, ate and packed lightly and
    1. took bus and tube to Waterloo (freedom passes - cost = zero)
    2. took train to Devon where we're house-sitting for our daughter while she gets the ferry to France with her family
    3. as we headed west - the sun came out ! London was drizzly, Devon is sizzly.
    4. Son-in-law makes huge earthenware pots, and he has filled a dozen or so with brightly coloured annuals and put them all out in the front garden - first time I've seen this - they look gorgeous.
    5. DD has left a few goodies in the fridge, including clotted cream! What on EARTH am I going to do with that ?

    None of this took any effort on my part, but we will give DD's house a bit of a clean and finish the laundry as they both work so hard, she has 2 jobs, 3 children and never seems to stop, so we'll enjoy working out way through that pile of ironing!
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  • vixtressvixtress Forumite
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    1, i stopped panicking that i had no bread for the kids packed lunches tomorrow and 'whipped up' a loaf

    2,put remains of my sundried tomatoes into said loaf (have been wondering what to do with them)

    3, had hm pizza for lunch and ds (5) said it was better that 'from the shop pizza'

    4, got 2 loads of washing dry on the line

    5, saved enough pizza to take for my lunch tomorrow :D

    all in all, a good day off
    - prior planning prevents poor performance!

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  • vixtressvixtress Forumite
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    ps, i think we should run this thread everyday, i love it
    - prior planning prevents poor performance!

    May Grocery challenge £150 136/150
  • rosyrosy Forumite
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    1. Making home made ice cream and the custard thickened properly for once
    2. Making big batch of tomato sauce for pasta and freezing it in the tetrapaks the passata came in ( tip from here! )
    3. Finally cut DS1' s hair after promising I'd do it for days
    4. Have stuck to diet and calorie counted everything I've made from scratch & didn't give in to temptation to have a ready counted ready meal
    5. Like a lot of others getting the washing dry outside on a lovely day!

    Thanks all for this thread esp Thriftlady. I have always had a big problem feeling guilty about not doing much paid work outside the home especially as DSs are in v late teens now, and was feeling particulary bad tonight about it - coming on here, reading the thread and posting this has made me feel tons better. Thanks all!
  • shell2001shell2001 Forumite
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    1. Making another batch of onion and chive bread rolls - and the house smelling yummy at the same time!

    2. Using the oven to make jam tarts at the same time, and knowing exactly what went into them and that they cost pennies to make.

    3. Looking at my mealplan for the rest of the month so never having that whats for tea panic.

    4. Involving the kids in the baking sesson and seeing them tuck into what they "helped" make with real pride.

    5. Watching the kids do the dishes after said baking session even if it meant mopping up the floor from their over enthusiastic scrubbing - lol!

    This thread is lovely, especially when the kiddies are driving each other (and me crackers), it makes you go to bed thinking of all the positives.
  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    1. Saying no to expensive treats for the kids, offering to make some fruit salad with reduced price fruit instead, my son telling the lady in the shop that Mam makes the best fruit salad :o aww
    2. Cooking the steak DP requested, bought from the local farm shop which tasted fanbloomintastic :D got a 'lovely' and thumbs up from DP
    3. Washing dry outside, great isn't it
    4. Getting my partner to help clear the stairs and landing after yesterdays 'incident', him saying 'Vacuuming these stairs is very hard work isn't it, I do appreciate what you do' well I nearly passed out in shock :rotfl: firstly that he used the vacuum cleaner, second that he complimented me.
    5. Ok I've gone over budget this month, but realising it's the hols, I tried to reduce it again and it's the first time since December I have gone over, I am also still spending under half what I did the same time last year.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • Hardup_HesterHardup_Hester Forumite
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    Good morning
    My 5 for today started last night, lol.
    We have visitors staying and as a thank you they bought a KFC bucket home with coleslaw & beans that no-one wanted and there was one large piece of chicken left.
    1. Pulled some of the chicken off, chopped it up & mixed it with coleslaw to make sandwiches for hubby & visitors pack up
    2. Put rest of the chicken portion in the SC to make chicken soup for tea tonight.
    3. Making loaf in BM to go with soup tonight
    4. Used the beans for breakfast along with 2 eggs, poached on toast to give visitors a hearty breakfast as they are out all day. Visitors commented on how nice the beans were & asked what make they were!!
    5. Washing is drying on the line today.

    Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart.
  • thriftlady_2thriftlady_2 Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    This was yesterday ;)
    1) Made a batch of eggless brownies (recipe from here) -yum.

    2) Used the brownies in the middle of the tin as a sort of ice cream sauce at tea -the middle was very gooey;)

    3) Had lovely egg-fried rice made from leftovers for lunch. DD had ham instead of egg.

    4) Made playdough for dd which went down well.

    5) Made 4 loaves of bread -I do this at least once a week, but it always gives me a buzz when I take them out of the oven.
  • stressedoutmumof1stressedoutmumof1 Forumite
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    This was yesterday also......
    1. Made HM bread rolls
    2. Made HM Beef Burgers
    3. Made HM Chocolate Brownies
    4. Dried washing on line
    5. Fixed zip on my best suit trousers instead of throwing them away
    Plans for today include 1. Make a loaf of bread 2. Make some pasta sauce to freeze 3. Make some broccoli and apple soup 4. Make some flapjacks 5. Finally teach myself to bl**dy purl (knitting) :rolleyes:
    Squares knitted for my throw ~ 90 (yes!!! I have finally finished it :rotfl: )
    Squares made for my patchwork quilt ~ 80 (only the "actual" quilting to do now :rotfl:)
  • TNGTNG Forumite
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    1. Made HM bread rolls

    2. Made HM Beef Burgers

    :T :T :T :T :T

    I'll be doing that at the weekend and probably

    3. Making some of twink's HM hobnobs
    :dance:There's a real buzz about the neighbourhood :dance:
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