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Elderly keying my new car

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    rover005 wrote: »
    As far as I know, I am risking losing substantial amount of money if I lose the case as there is no such thing as watertight case...

    Is £60 a substantial amount of money, assuming you are using claim online and it's under £1000 and over £500 you are claiming that’s what it will cost, it’s less for lower amounts.?
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    rover005 wrote: »
    Right, just checked and turns out that to claim up to £3,000 it would cost me £115 for small claims court fee. This seems reassuring.

    Well you tell me - watch the video (from my CCTV) youtube / watch?v=uyYPevFwxzw

    £105 if you lodge the claim online. Saves you a tenner.
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    OP has stated the video is CCTV footage. They filmed the CCTV on a TV with a mobile phone to upload to Youtube.

    Not liking someone parking outside your house is still no defence for criminal damage.

    Nobody said it was.
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    Something similar happened where one of my friends stayed.

    Police were contacted several times and several times showed lack of interest.

    Someone apparently got fed up with her, filled a washing up liquid bottle with old engine oil and sprayed it inside her letterbox.

    No more cars were damaged again after that. Strange.
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    I really hope, in the name of justice, I read on here soon that the lady has been prosecuted.
    I feel for your frustration, but don't think it is representative of quality of policing on the whole.
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    To OP
    Was the damage near to the nearside wing mirror as that is the only place she may have caused any damage ?
    The footage shows what looks like she is scratching it , has the Corsa offence been reported as a crime ? The Officer in the case is duty bound to investigate it . Establish the officers name and speak to their supervisor , locate the Duty Inspector and speak to them regarding making a complaint ? The Duty Insp will then delegate to a Sergeant to look into it further before an official complaint will be taken . That Sgt will speak to the OIC and may even visit you . Just be very polite and ask for names of the people you speak to .
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    rover005rover005 Forumite
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    Thanks for the advice - I have literally just emailed the Sgt and Inspector and wait to hear back from them.

    The email reads:
    Dear Sgt <NAME> and Mr <NAME>,

    I am writing to ask for your help and assistance on the case with the number in the subject line.

    A brief intro: My neighbour has been keying our cars for the past 5 years and finally we caught her on CCTV - twice.

    The CCTV footage shows her being the only person passing by my vehicle in the period it was parked. The second footage is from a better angle and the damage caused is visible.

    After many calls to the forces, I realize the case is not taken seriously - a proof is that the witnesses' details were not even taken at all . What is more, none of what our neighbour who provided the first CCTV' said was taken - he has seen her before too and mentioned it there and then.

    Furthermore, a week after the incident we caught her scratching a car again on our new CCTV system and the police deny viewing the footage.

    I am extremely displeased and concerned about the case's status as I have already reported that the offender is discriminating and arrogant and is going to vandalize more cars.

    I would also encourage you to take a look of the complaints about the neighbour to our council for put through for trespassing, harassment, discrimination and bullying.
    Can you please reassure me that this time, the correct actions will be taken?
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    If you get nowhere with the Police, go to the local news paper and show them the footage.

    Police don't want bad press, that's why they won't tackle ethic minorities, the disabled and the elderly. BUT if they're going to get bad press for not acting, then they might change their minds.
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  • Guess what - Just caught her again! Called 101...

    Here is the money shot /watch?v=bK2USm6quUg
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    rover005 wrote: »
    Guess what - Just caught her again! Called 101...

    Here is the money shot /watch?v=bK2USm6quUg

    Direct link:

    I'd be booting the old bag into next week by this point. Thats brazen.
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