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Elderly keying my new car

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    You've probably noticed this already but watching that footage she appears to pick something up from the raised bed area to the right of where she leaves her property, does the deed on the near side of the car, looks at the other side and then returns the stone etc to its hiding place. Firstly that suggests considered intent and secondly it might be possible if you can find the item to get it forensically tested to match it to the damage on the car. That would depend on it being the one obvious item in that area and you having concrete evidence that you had collected it from its hiding place. That is of course assuming that you remain unable to persuade the police to act. I wonder whether your local Police commissioner might take an interest - they seem to be more on the "political" side of things and might take a dim view of an obvious crime being shrugged off by their force.
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    treboeth wrote: »
    In no way condoning the actions, but those cars are parked on the pavement and this will bee seen as justification to many.

    In Londinium I believe some areas have legal pavement parking.
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    Are you also blocking the pavement and illegally driving on the pavement? Or is there a by law that allows this?

    Video just shows someone looking at a car, it doesn't show any actual damage being done.
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    That is the problem I meet with the police - they say it is a footage of someone looking at a car - however, a full review shows them to be the only one near the car for the period between park - leave.

    I will try to obtain the footage where the Rangie gets it which is even worse as it is from the other side and she cant be seen even touching the car.
    In no way condoning the actions, but those cars are parked on the pavement and this will bee seen as justification to many.
    Originally posted by treboeth
    Parking on our street is permitted and the curb has been modified to take on the weight of the cars.
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    Regardless of if you would win a small claims case, it might give her enough of a scare to stop it happening.
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    rover005 wrote: »
    On footage, it is clear that since I parked till we discovered the scratch, she is the only one passing by and stopping for a second [a 75 yo ex-council and immigration officer worker to fit the picture]. We called the police, and after the details were collected, they spoke to her and a week later, (with our shiny new CCTV) we caught her keying our friend's car clear as day.
    So now the police have said there isn't sufficient information (even though reports in the past years have been made against unknown criminal for keying cars). They are even denying to view the new footage.

    Does anyone know what is the best course of action? Threatening the police to put a complaint for no action is certainly on the list. :( :eek:

    I keep re reading your post but I'm not 100% sure what you mean by 'they spoke to her and a week later.' Do you mean they spoke to your female neighbour or do you mean the female suspect. If its the latter then I presume they have interviewed her on a voluntary basis with her denying the act followed by a sergeant reviewing the evidence and taking the to take no further action. If that is the case and IIRC they should have told you that you have the right of review i.e. to ask them to take another look at the evidence. If it was a CPS decision and they have NFA'd it then that right to review doesn't exist. If on the other hand you are referring to the police not even looking at the CCTV then I'd call them and ask them to reconsider what they have done.

    By the way the Mayor is London's PCC along with all his other roles.
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    Have you spoken to her about the footage. I would go show her and ask her why she damaged the car. Tell her you have CCTV now monitoring your car(s) plus maybe a dash cam.

    Also tell her you have put the footage up on youtube and alerted your neighbours to the presence of the footage.

    The fact she's been found out maybe enough to make her stop.
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    rover005 wrote: »
    As far as I know, I am risking losing substantial amount of money if I lose the case as there is no such thing as watertight case...
    You don't need a "watertight case" to win a civil claim. The standard of proof required is based on the balance of probabilities.
  • Just checked and did not find anything concealed around her porch door.

    All of the neighbours are now aware and ask us constantly of the development of the case.

    I confronted her as soon as I saw the CCTV footage - told her that we either settle this by her paying my repairs costs or I call the police. She then went into a discriminating rant telling me and my friend to go back to our country and that we were just looking for someone to accuse.

    - you guessed it - I have a recording of this too which the police reviewed together with all the complaints made to the council for her constant bullying.

    To ado: The police lead initial investigation on the spot and had a word with her. As far as I am aware she was not called in for an interview.
  • It is a Matter of fact it is a very nasty thing to do keying some bodies car.

    I think people often do it when it is Dark.
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