Shocked at my friend.

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I go to lunch on a Wednesday and this week there was two new people there.
My friend was telling me that she couldn't get any adaptions done or extra money and shouted out really loud that it was because her face wasn't black.
I tried to explain to her that this wasn't the case. That they go through the same assessment as we do and don't get any extra money.
I had no problem getting adaptions, but she was adamant. Felt so sorry for the women as it was her first time there.
Why on earth do people believe this rubbish, my Aunt is terribly racist as well.


  • benjus
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    Adaptions? Extra money? I have no idea what this thread is about (apart from the racism part, obviously).
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  • merlin68
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    Adaptions due to being disabled to her house.
  • Feral_Moon
    "Coloured" "they" "we" ????

    Wow!!! :mad:
  • Birdie85
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    You might want to be careful about using 'Coloured' to describe people from a different heritage to yours.

    Sadly, racism is still the norm for a lot of people. I'll bet your friend is a follower of 'Britain First' on FB too!
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    Some people are just ignorant bigots - all they do by spouting such rubbish is make themselves look ridiculous. The rants about some people being more "entitled" to services and benefits is sadly common too. I remember years ago a family member being incandescent with rage because "kneeling" buses (the ones which lower on stopping to facilitate boarding and alighting) had been introduced on her route....apparently for single mothers pushing buggies!!:rotfl:
  • Fluff15
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    This is the sort of person I'd be dropping as a friend, or certainly spending much less time with them, and not feeling an ounce guilty about it.
  • FreddieFrugal
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    merlin68 wrote: »
    I go to lunch on a Wednesday and this week there was two foreign people there.

    How confusing.

    Firstly there WERE two people there. I was, he was, she was, you were, they were, we were.

    Secondly I assume, from other posters, that you edited your post to change the adjective 'coloured' to the word 'foreign'.

    Do you know they were foreign? You do realise that people can be British AND be of different ethnicities. For example my wife's family moved from Italy in the 60s. But she was born in Britain. Is she not British because she has a Mediterranean complexion?

    Changing coloured to foreign is almost worse. Doesn't make sense either. They could have been white French people? However I think ANYONE would have been offended by your friend's shouting, regardless of their race, ethnicity or nationality.

    Dump her! Maybe also edit your OP again.
    This time just say "there were two people there".
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  • Double_V
    Just a question, so if we are explaining/describing a person.
    Can we say black male, 5ft etc ? Or is that racist as well ?
  • suki1964
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    Are you shocked that your friend voiced her opinions loudly or shocked that she had such opinions in the first place?
  • FreddieFrugal
    Double_V wrote: »
    Just a question, so if we are explaining/describing a person.
    Can we say black male, 5ft etc ? Or is that racist as well ?

    Describing someone as "coloured" is racist for multiple reasons. It suggests that people SHOULD be white, and that others have just been coloured in. Coloured was the term used in segregation laws.

    Calling people 'foreign' because they have a different skin colour is also clearly racist if they aren't actually from another country because it is making a judgement about someone not belonging or being alien because of the colour of their skin.

    Giving a description of an unknown person, as in the example you've given, similar to how police would describe a suspect or victim, there's nothing wrong with describing the person's skin colour as a means of helping to identify them. Such as a white/Caucasian male, or south asian female. They are describing the person's appearance in the best and most easily recognisable way possible.

    If they said a 6ft coloured male. That would be stupid because that doesn't really narrow it down much. Aside from the racist connotations.

    But that is a very specific situation. In general conversation there isn't any need to refer to someone by their skin colour.
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    Savings target June 18 - £22,281.99 / £25,000
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