Septembers 'Take your Lunch To Work' Challenge.



  • There_Is_a_Light
    There_Is_a_Light Forumite Posts: 569 Forumite
    Tuna olive salad all packed up with lots of fruit. Aiming for a no spend day altogether.
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  • gunsandbanjos
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    May I join?

    Got homemade lentil soup, a bagel and some fruit for work.
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  • DeafLeopard
    DeafLeopard Forumite Posts: 309 Forumite
    I'm in,
    last month was pretty bad,
    I spent £11 on food for one day on 3 different days :O

    I'm aiming for 25 days of taking my lunch.
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  • WantToBeSE
    WantToBeSE Forumite Posts: 7,729
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    I have added to here :)

    Hi, and welcome to all the new people. It's great to have you!

    So, what's for lunch today?

    I will be having leftovers today. I am at home working, sending out invoices, which i hate doing, but it bring in the £'s!

    Have a great day everyone, and dont for get to take your LTW (Lunch To Work)!
  • The_Only_Girl
    The_Only_Girl Forumite Posts: 873
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    Last day of kids' holiday today and I am working tonight 3-11pm. For brunch I cooked saut!ed cabbage (1 1/2 heads bought last Thursday with YS for 2p each so it's cost us only 3p for brunch) and lunch to work are two cheese savoury sandwiches using YS burger buns at 1p each and left over grated cheese from the fridge and a bit of mayonnaise. Get in! Less than 5p for 2 sandwiches.
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  • Christi
    Christi Forumite Posts: 137 Forumite
    Is it too late for me to join? I'd like to go for 16 days please!

    Going to try and do breakfasts as well as lunch though.

    Thank you!
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  • timetrade
    timetrade Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    I totally failed in August, but I'd like to join again for September. I have 20 working days this month, so I'm going to aim for 15.

    Today I had a tin of Cream of Chicken Soup. (1/15)
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  • WantToBeSE
    WantToBeSE Forumite Posts: 7,729
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    Added to here :)

    Welcome new people! I hope you find this thread useful, i know i do!

    I have been busy cooking and freezing food in order to stay MSE and OS in my LTWs.

    I made:

    -Vegan Meatballs
    -Vegan Burgers
    -Meat meatballs (just mince, onion, pepper, salt an an egg)- these are for my kids, as i dont eat animal products. But i thought i could make them a sub roll with meatballs and salad..kind of subway-esque!

    I hope nobody minds if i add those recipes to the list? If you have any amazing recipes that you want to share, feel free to post them and i'll add them to the list.
  • WantToBeSE
    WantToBeSE Forumite Posts: 7,729
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    As i was adding my recipes to the list on page 1, i noticed that all of the recipe links had expired or were no longer available.

    So i have now provided new links for all of those recipes, so they should now all work :) If you ever click on a link and it doesnt go anywhere,or goes to an expired recipe, please let me know an i can find it again.
  • belleandthebudget
    belleandthebudget Forumite Posts: 401 Forumite
    I have 22 days of work so going to aim for 17 days of taking lunch in!
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