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Grab a discount by abandoning your basket?

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  • Chrissie_PChrissie_P Forumite
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    A year or so ago I was looking at The Perfume Shop and abandoned my basket - a couple of days later I was offered a further discount -10% I think! Well worth it - I happily made my purchase!
  • MissterrigirlMissterrigirl Forumite
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    I added a buggy board for £53.95 to my basket on Kiddicare but then got sidetracked, the next day they sent me an email to get free delivery. Huzzah!
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    Just got 15 % off after abandoning my basket for a magazine subscription for a couple of days....

    had 2 reminders then the 3rd time they gave me a discount code!!

    It was for Kerrang bt they do lots of other mags so might work for them too !! The co. is Great magazines.

    Maybe a good idea for a christmas pressy for some-one !!
    Best headline ever on local paper??
    "Weight loss group doubles in size"
  • Hi,

    Does anybody know if they 'abandoned shopping cart' method works on Wayfair?

  • Yorkie71Yorkie71 Forumite
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    I've had abandoned basket discounts quite regularly with LED Hut. Great service too which is a bonus.
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    PortabelloPortabello Forumite
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    I have been resisting the transition to bifocals/varifocals because I haven't wanted to admit to my own age, but as my 55th birthday drew near (and I stopped being able to recognise dear friends on the street), I decided to make the jump. Took advantage of a free eye test at Boots Optical (coupon on the back of an old receipt); then went to local Specsavers and found a pair of rimless Jaeger frames I really liked, but they wanted £280 for them-- without the lenses! (with varifocal lenses, they would have been well over £600). So I noted the style number and colour code on the frames, and searched for them on Google, and came up with a terrific online opticians that had them for £115. However, after I went through the entire process of adding my prescription and my lenses, the total was £440, which was more than I was hoping to pay. Started over again at JP Opticians, who had the same frames for slightly more money (£125), but the lenses for much less-- came out to
    about £340, still a good savings. But I registered and tried the abandoned shopping basket trick just in case.The next day, 10% voucher. Just got the varifocals with the best Essilor lenses and coatings (not offered at Specsavers even if you want them) for £304! Nice 55th birthday present for myself, and now maybe I'll be able to recognise my neighbours and friends when I pass them on the street. Thanks, Martin!:money:
  • Julie-LJulie-L Forumite
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    Get 10% off
  • Anyone booking a flight with Jet2 might find it useful to know that I got a 50% discount on taking 22kg of luggage by checking the price of adding a bag on a booking I had already made (you already get 10kg of hand baggage with Jet2) and then closing the window. I was literally just pricing it as an option. The next day I got an email with an offer to take the checked bag for half the price of the day before.

    I have no idea how widespread this is but could save some money
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