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Grab a discount by abandoning your basket?

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    HQ Hair and Lookfantastic (both part of The Hut Group) are always sending me 20% codes to try and tempt me to shop again.
    Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.... :/
  • I've never been offered a discount for leaving anything in any basket. I often put an item or two in a basket and then change my mind and never purchase, so there's been plenty of opportunities with various sellers to offer the discount over the years.

    I liked the comment about Amazon earlier in this thread, I have a product I would love to buy but it's just too expensive at the moment, I will go and add it to my basket in the hope they drop the price. :)
  • Hot Diamonds sent me an email when i abandoned a basket. 10% off my order if I recall.
  • It's been a little while since I've shopped with them, but QUIZ clothing used to send "Can we tempt you back?" E-mails when you looked at their range, I.e clicked on the pictures. Can't remember if I always added to basket, but about two days later I would get an e-mail offering 10% off or free delivery.
    And ever since I had a signed up as a new customer for a Tesco home grocery delivery, every 2/3 months I get an e-mail offering me £6 off a £60 shop if I click and collect or get home delivery. We take full advantage of this and do click and collect as it's free!
  • Haha, no sooner after I added the last message I went onto QUIZ to check what I had done before. Clicked on a picture of a dress I liked and couple of hours later, I got an e-mail offering me 5% off!!
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    On two occasions I've been sent £10 off a £75 shop evouchers by ASDA after not shopping online with them for c. 4 months. On the last occasion I was sent 3 in 3 days, but, having used the first, the other two wouldn't work (despite different codes). I was offered a £5 off voucher as compensation...
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    smiffy1 wrote: »
    I got free delivery worth £45 from Furniture Village after leaving a 2 seater sofa in the basket

    Must've been a big basket! :)
  • I received a £10 voucher from Ebay to encourage me back to them - it was great as there was no minimum spend so I spent £13 - of which I only had to pay £3 and I've not shopped with them since
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    Discount for leaving something in the basket? Surely that's only if you were looking for a digital eagle from Barclays?
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    Is it my imagination, or does the discount go DOWN if you abandon an order and then start again later on TopCashBack or Quidco? There have been several times when I've thought that happened, but couldn't be sure.
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