Grab a discount by abandoning your basket?

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Have you ever been offered a big discount from a shop, supermarket or service company simply because you didn't complete your order, or you haven't used them in a while?

We want to compile which firms do this (and what type of discounts are on offer), so people can tactically shop.

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  • jenniewbjenniewb Forumite
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    I've abandoned many baskets before, too many to count across many sites and have never been offered a discount. I have successfully managed to create my own picks on what is then advertised at me on every other web page though, just to reign it in to me that I cannot afford the things I want.
  • skylaskyla Forumite
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    Emma Bridgewater usually gives free postage after a day or two
  • cte1111cte1111 Forumite
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    I've been offered a discount by W H Smith and also regularly by Stitch Craft Create (formerly RU Craft). In both of these cases, you need to have an online account set up, log in, add some items to your basket then abandon it.

    WHSmith only seem to do it once in a while, but worth a try. I think they sent me a discount for 5% off.

    Stitch Craft Create always seem to send a 10% discount code.
  • dw1dw1 Forumite
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    I bought a Hello Fresh box about a month ago. Last week they offered me £15 off a box - which I didn't take - this week they offered one half price. That's despite me getting £25 off the first one...

    Graze also used to give a half price box every couple of months even though I always cancelled straight after. I had 5 or 6 half price before they got wise to it.
  • wonderwalletwonderwallet Forumite
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    I've abandoned baskets recently at Debenhams and Warehouse and never been offered a discount, I just get an email saying 'you've left something behind!' :)
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    kaya1991kaya1991 Forumite
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    Urban Outfitters often sends an email after a couple of days for free delivery or a discount - usually 15-20% :)
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    ceh209ceh209 Forumite
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    We've been looking at a cruise with Princess Cruises the past few days, went through all the stages to find out exact price, entered our details and everything, then left it.

    Today OH got an email with £150 off :D
    Excuse any mis-spelt replies, there's probably a cat sat on the keyboard
  • parmavioletukparmavioletuk Forumite
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    I recently abandoned an order at and received an email the next day with a 5% discount code. I still didn't order, but I plan to 'abandon' another order soon, so I can order with the 5% off ;)
  • loony767loony767 Forumite
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    I got a £10 discount from Flaviar (whisky gin etc) for a bottle of whisky. You have to become a member via facebook etc. webite is flaviar(dot)com.

    It took about a month to arrive though so not great if in a hurry
  • smiffy1smiffy1 Forumite
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    I got free delivery worth £45 from Furniture Village after leaving a 2 seater sofa in the basket
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