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Grab a discount by abandoning your basket?

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  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Once you produce a list, they'll stop doing it. They know once it's on MSE it'll be thoroughly milked.
  • ArthogArthog Forumite
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    Deramores the online knitting/crochet yarn Company sent a 10% discount code when I hadn't ordered from them for a few weeks. I'm a frequent customer of theirs. The discount was on top of their usual discounts.
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    Karrie1ukKarrie1uk Forumite
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    I know that it I dont check out with tescos usually within a couple of days I get a code x pounds off a x pound spend I.e £5 off a £50 spend
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    Early this year I was looking at a woollen cape heavily discounted on Elvi's site but decided it was still too expensive. They sent me an email saying they had noticed I was browsing and offered a code to take another 10% off, so I bought it. Have browsed before and since, but never received an discount offer.
  • miaggimiaggi Forumite
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    I signed up with Ocado but never used them and they sent me a £20 off a £60 shop voucher. I believe it's usually only £20 off an £80 shop for newbies.
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    Laterooms offered me a £10 argos voucher. Also Amazon prices often seem to drop.
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    I've ended up with a number of Ocado accounts due to not remembering my email address, with the result that I can often see the accounts I've not used in the longest time tend to get better deals.

    I remember Vista Print also used to do the thing where they'd offer discounts if you got most of the way to an order but didn't actually place one.

    Most recently I got an email with a discount code from Orchard Corset after I left an order in the basket without checking out, although the discount code there was 15%, when I'd already found a 30% discount code to use instead.
  • If you have a My Waitrose card - which does give you a free coffee whilst you shop! - if you don't shop for a while they will send you discount vouchers to use, my husband got 3 vouchers for £22 each off a shop over £100. Waitrose do some brilliant discounts, so I shop with them occasionally and buy loads of their discounts. You get free delivery too.

    Their pickers can be very bad though - the ones in Eastbourne are so bad I've decided to stop using online shopping now as they give you goods going out of date the same day or the next day and that is really annoying.
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    Screwfix sent me a letter a few weeks ago giving me a £5 discount code, no minimum spend, but use within time limit.

    I tried to use it on some stock items but the website would not accept the code so I called. Turns out that a store assistant had inadvertently created a new account some years ago with a slight misspelling of my name, and the offer was to try and winkle me out again, even though i use Screwfix quite often.

    The ca gave me a £5 credit to my regular account anyway. Good result.
  • I've got a feeling Book People do this.
    Also Thomson and First Choice try to lure you to book with codes when usually I like to just watch the price of a holiday for a while.
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