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Grab a discount by abandoning your basket?

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  • I cancelled a basket with Virgin Media for an 18 month Broadband package and was offered a £50 account credit if I went back and completed my order! Didn't go through with it in the end but worth bearing in mind for those that would!
  • I've just been sent an email for 5% off BeerHawk website, sells different beer from around the world. Was looking at presents and put it in basket to check delivery price. Didn't go through with it and they've sent me 2 emails previously to remind me to check out and the third email offered me a code! So worth doing if anyone is looking to buy anything from here.
  • Abandoned my basket with Wayfair, a week later was emailed a 20% discount code
  • Works every time on Buyagift.com. leave your items at their checkout and next day I've got either a 10% or sometimes a 15% discount code - don't forget to sign in to begin with of course! Love Buyagift.com!
  • some really good (naughty ideas) on this website i love it...im going to try this :)
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    I abandoned one at Amazon and got a 33% price INCREASE on one item. I then permanently abandoned said basket.
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  • Tried this a few shops. Got 10% off at tassimo just resorting for Hand M. :beer:
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    Staysure travel insurance always send a code for at least 10% off if you get a quote and don't proceed.
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    Graham and Green - I abandoned basket at the final stage after having input payment details before final confirmation. I was almost immediately emailed a 10% discount code.
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    I went to Photobox, created an account and designed a canvas, then got distracted and left it in my basket. I then got a fifty percent discount offer via email - sadly not including delivery, but still a good discount I thought.
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