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Grab a discount by abandoning your basket?

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  • I have a Very credit account which is mostly dormant, but every few months they send me a £10 off £50 or £25 off £75 code to entice me back.

    We're a big gaming household, so I always buy Xbox Live Gold or currency with it, as it has no expiry date, and basically I'm now getting all of my digital games that I would have bought anyway at a discount.

    I add the stuff to my account, and let them take direct debit for the Take 3 payment, so I pay it off over 3 months without paying any interest.
  • Asda and Tesco have never offered me anything.
  • - first email was just a reminder to check out, second email a day later had a 5% discount code, and that's on to of the other discount code they almost always seem to be running. :-)
  • Quiz usually send an e-mail with a 5% discount code or free delivery if a basket is abandoned.
  • I forgot a basket on a few days alter I had a 10% off email, then 15% and finally a 20% off email still forgot to use it but worth forgetting
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    I didn't complete my shop with Boden as I normally fill it with ideas and then show the kids to see what they like/don't like. My son wanted a shirt so I had a about 3 in there, all in the sale, and the basket came to about £50.
    Later that day I got an email prompt that I hadn't checked out and the next day a £10 voucher with no rules that it couldn't be used on discounted items, no minimum spend and free delivery. Son chose 1 shirt, resulting total cost to me £5. :)

    Like I say, I often have several things in my basket and then leave the site but being given a voucher has only happened once.
  • I've abandoned baskets at 'very' and they have always offered money off, the best one quite recently, £20 off a £50 shop..
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    Emma4114 wrote: »
    I forgot a basket on a few days alter I had a 10% off email, then 15% and finally a 20% off email still forgot to use it but worth forgetting

    Exactly the same for the wife. But the customer service was so atrocious she's ditched them - dreadful company to deal with, and no telephone support (for ordering or anything) at all. They also seem incapable of answering emails - except with stock replies that don't fit the questions. Their loss - plenty more fish in the sea.......:rotfl:
  • Thanks for all the tips. with a wife and 2 grown daughters I am only just learning what this 'shopping' thing actually is. Sorry if this is old news but I noticed I received an email from argos recently saying something I added to basket had now been reduced. I'd forgot all about it. And I did manage to get delivery charge refunded and a £10 voucher when my next day delivery took 2 days to arrive.
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    They do this on ebookers. I sometimes hold out to see if they'll give me more, but be aware of expiring codes. I've had £20 off a flight & hotel package, plus I get my ATOL protection. Then I booked another hotel separately to use a different code, think I got about £15 off that.
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