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Preserving chillies?



  • julbags
    julbags Posts: 87 Forumite
    I freeze any excess I have (got 4 plants which are now fruiting like mad). I only just finished my stash of frozen chillies from last year and am building a new one. They defrost quickly and go a little soft but are fine for chopping and adding to sauces etc.
  • I got a recipe for Thai chilli sauce the other day (if you can call it a "recipe" as such) from a Thai lady the other day.
    Just chop up your chillis, add a few spoonfuls of sugar and stir in white vinegar (the ratios depend how hot/ sweet you want it) and bring to the boil. You then leave it to simmer on medium heat for around two hours (stirring every so often) before cooling and putting in jars. The sugar means it keeps really well in the fridge so it should last you a while- really good dipping sauce for snacks or for eating with homemade potato wedges or with stir fries.
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  • When you say freeeze do you do this in water or just as they are?
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  • Omertron
    Omertron Posts: 574 Forumite
    I like to make chilli jam with mine. I use the delia recipie HERE without the fish sauce.

    You can make it as hot or cool as you like, and it's great with cheese or ham sandwiches, sausages, you name it!

    Make some chilli olive oil.
    - Get a litre (or whatever size bottle) of olive oil pour some out into another container to make space for the chillies.
    - Roughly chop the chillies up, I do mine so the look like little "O"s with the seeds still in them and add them to the olive oil bottle.
    - Wait a couple of days
    Use as you would normal olive oil for frying, etc. Gives a lovely kick to steak or mince too :)
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  • Hi

    don't know about chilli preserves but last year my SIL had a bumper crop of chillis and made some chilli oil which she gave out as xmas presents. She got some fancy shaped bottles filled with olive oil and put some chillis in. Depending on taste I suppose you can add other herbs and spices.

    The chilli oil she gave us lasted for ages and it really gave a kick when cooking with it.

    Just a thought.

  • Anastacia
    Anastacia Posts: 470 Forumite
    Lucky you!

    I would just slive them and freeze them on tray, so they stay separate, then bag them up once they are frozen.
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  • julbags
    julbags Posts: 87 Forumite
    I just freeze them whole as they are as I can't be bothered to slice them. They slice fine when defrosted but aren't crisp anymore, it doesn't seem to affect their potency.

    May have a go at the chilli jam at some point though, thanks for the link Omerton
  • mrbadexample
    mrbadexample Posts: 10,805 Forumite
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    Where can I get a chilli plant? :confused:
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  • dannahaz
    dannahaz Posts: 1,068 Forumite
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    Gardeners Question Time (BBC Radio 4) on Sunday 8th October will have a section on what to do with Chillies. It will be repeated next Wednesday afternoon.

    Similarly overrun, we'll be listening!
  • To get a chilli plant either plant the seeds somewhere warm in spring or buy from a garden centre, they are usually found with the tomato, cucumber and pepper plants in Apri/May.
    Then sit back and wait for the abundance.:j
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