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Preserving chillies?



  • rachbc
    rachbc Posts: 4,461 Forumite
    yep no need to freeze if they are dried - they will keep for yonks in an old jar. either crumble or grind whenever you need.
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  • lucy*locket
    lucy*locket Posts: 444 Forumite
    You could make Nigella's chilli jam, it's delish. I make a batch every now and then, it's great with most meals, once you start using it you miss it if you don't have any :)
  • borderlakland
    Hi wondered if anyone on here can help.... have got a larger than expected crop of small red chillies not sure of the variety, not sure the best way of preserving them, pickled last years crop of orange ones so would prefer a different way.. is there a way of drying then maybe grinding them? if they are just dried how long will they last and best way of storing etc....
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  • misskool
    misskool Posts: 12,832 Forumite
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    string them up using needle and fishing line and dry in cool dry place. Crush them up when you want to use them. Chilli necklace :D
  • ClaireLR
    ClaireLR Posts: 1,712 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    The Asian girl I work with says her mom just leaves them out in the sun to dry. Mind you with the weather in this country, maybe the suggestion above would be a better idea!
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  • Emstick14
    Emstick14 Posts: 112 Forumite
    I have loads of chillies growing too! Did you just buy pickling vinegar and stick them in? Can you tell me how you did it, please? Also how "hot" were they once pickled??
  • vij
    vij Posts: 254 Forumite
    I sliced very finely froze them on a baking tray and then put in a plastic pot in the frezzer and I grab a pinch when I need them. I seem to be doing this a lot - think I need more imagination
  • Dex
    Dex Posts: 596 Forumite
    Hi All,

    I've just picked the last of my tomatoes and made the most amazing sweet chilli and cherry tomato jam (is fabulous with cheese:D)

    However it only takes two chillis and I have hundreds, I've dried some in the oven, frozen some and am thinking about maybe pickling some... but what I'd like to do is make sweet chilli sauce, all the recipes I can find don't say if it can be kept, I'd like to make some that I could bottle and use over the winter.

    Does anyone have any recipes would work for that?

    Also I'm interested to hear what else you've done with Chilli's, has anyone pickled them? is it easy enough?

    Thanks everyone
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  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi Dex,

    This thread should help:

    Preserving chillies?

    I'll add your thread to it later to keep the suggestions together.

  • nanokitten
    dex can we have your recipie for chilli and tomato jam as I have a glut of toms but not gonna make my usual ketchup as am still using it up!

    I've not yet found a decent chilli sauce/ jam recipie (though I've looked) I guess if you make it like regular jam and it contains lots of sugar and is bottled hot and sealed it should keep like regular jam.
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