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Preserving chillies?



  • the_other_mce
    hi everyone
    got loads of red chillies drying on my windowsill which have been home grown by hubby over the summer.
    they're dry, crusty and i now haven't a clue
    a) how to use them in cooking
    b) where to store them
    c) how long they'll be useable

    there must be an expert out there dying to help me out !!!! PLEASE;)
    Hi - I'm not sure about 'crusty' chillies but my hubby has pickled loads of chillies this year. He soaked them in a brine mix for 24 hours and then pickled them in jars of vinegar. He's bought a shop version pickle vinegar and done some of his own ... vinegar and honey, plain vinegar etc. Alternatively I would try chopping them finely and freezing them in small portions. We use chillies in loads of things - samosas, home-made curry, chilli con carne, spicy spag. bol and cous-cous. They are also lovely sprinkled onto jacket potatoes with beans and cheese!! Experiment a bit - you'll probably find they are much better than shop bought pepper sauce!! If you don't enjoy them PM me and I'll give you my address to send them to!!!:D Fresh chillies are often milder than you would imagine. I also like to oven roast some (finely chopped) with onions, garlic and peppers to add a bit of a kick - but then we are chilli addicts!!!
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  • Butterfly_Brain
    Try adding them to a bottle of oil or you can pickle them
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  • Hawthorn
    Hawthorn Posts: 1,241 Forumite
    Crush them! Chilli powder. Or just break them up. They will rehydrate when used in cooking. I buy a huge bag from the chinese supermarket.
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  • lizzyb1812
    lizzyb1812 Posts: 1,392 Forumite
    I freeze my chilis fresh off the plant. No blanching or anything. Then use the frozen ones as though they were fresh - no need to defrost before chopping. They are used for their heat/effect on flavour so texture, colour etc don't really matter like they would with other vegetables.

    If you doubt it, just try freezing a few now and using them in a couple of days as a test.


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  • arnie&caseysma!
    There was a booklet recently in Lidl for Spiced Pumpkin soup which used fresh chillies - my step-mum made it and it was lush!!!

    If you can't get the bookelt and fancy it then please PM me on Saturday or Sunday and I will get the receipe for you to try using the chillies in.
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  • maytaurus
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    oooo i'm in a pickle!!!!

    is this you then ..........? :eek:
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  • Lo-Lo
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    Dry chillis keep for ages! (Months and months) We dry ours out, you can keep them in an airtight jar like an old jam jar. If you cut them up small you can just add them to meals as normal, or alternatively you can rehydrate them in boiling water. They give a slightly different flavour to fresh chillis - it's nice! We've just brought back a load from Mexico, they were dirt cheap over there.
  • Bella79
    Bella79 Posts: 1,197 Forumite
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    Hi all

    made some spicy rice other day and needed one chilli but had to buy a pkt of 4 can i freeze the others ?
    and what would i do when i want to use one jst take it out and let it deforst ?

    thankyou in advance
    l x
  • Rikki
    Rikki Posts: 21,625 Forumite
    Yes you can.

    I have an Asian cook book and they recommend freezing chillies. It also makes them easier to chop straight from frozen.
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  • horsechestnut
    You can also chop them up and freeze them in individual portions wrapped in cling film.
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