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Meerkat Movies

edited 10 May 2016 at 10:43AM in Going Out Deals
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  • romsroms Forumite
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    Majik wrote: »
    Just purchased ERV @ £2.03 - not registering yet, but I await in hope :)

    Me too! It's a waiting game.
  • lentrix92lentrix92 Forumite
    112 posts
    What cinemas are these valid for ?

    my local is Vue ......

  • Logged in and as I had purchased car insurance earlier in the year I was already qualified for Meerkat 2for1 cinema. Happy days!
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
    38.9K posts
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    checkmate wrote: »
    I have just bought two days travel insurance, single day seemed not available, and entered the details on the activation screen. However it keeps asking me to check the details. I see that Martin says it can take up to 48 hours. I hope that is for company's info to reach Meerkat and I will be able to activate the screen in the next day or two.

    I managed to buy a days travel insurance.
    lynsayjane wrote: »
    Does anyone know if the 2 for 1 would work with a Cineworld unlimited card? The Orange Wednesday offer did so in theory no cost on the day of the trip, just the DD for the Unlimited card.


    It does, I used 1 the other week.
    lentrix92 wrote: »
    What cinemas are these valid for ?

    my local is Vue ......


    Works in cineworld, google for other options.
  • I bought a two-day policy for £2.24 and after about five hours I was able to validate online. Cool.
  • I bought insurance through ERV but havent had a comfirmation email with my policy number on to validate the movies. Has anybody else had this problem with ERV. These sorts of documents are usually through instantaneously.
  • _gl_gl Forumite
    81 posts
    Nope, mine came more or less straight away earlier today. Check spam folders? Or maybe their system is down...
  • I cant seem to get my free tickets I just purchased travel insurance and got my policy number but it keeps saying Sorry, we can't automatically validate your details for the selected product and brand. Please check you have selected the correct product and brand.
  • _gl_gl Forumite
    81 posts
    Can take 48 hours (they need to get confirmation from the insurers first).
  • skooldazeskooldaze Forumite
    107 posts
    I bought travel insurance today but it remembered I used their services back in December so has took the latest from that deal so 8 months worth so I guess I could use a different email address etc.

    Does this also work with NUS so you can do both?
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