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  • Damn my impatience! If only I'd waited (and read your reply). I booked another policy at £2.03 from a company that was on the drop down list. Oh well I guess you live and learn. On the plus side the app is now up and running and (without doing anything) has issued my first code and am onboard for the next 12 months. More spent than needed but after one visit I will have more than made my £4.78 back :)
  • MajikMajik Forumite
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    Just purchased ERV @ £2.03 - not registering yet, but I await in hope :)
  • Drat, just spent £5.25 on a travel policy to Europe. Should have read this thread first! Waiting now for code to activate.
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    imi1ahmedimi1ahmed Forumite
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    Travel Insurance DOES work but there is a simpler and CHEAPER way - Take a credit card from CompareTheMarket - pick one that is zero fee and low limit - You're never going to use it but it means you get Meerkat Movies for FREE! (When the card comes through, activate and then cut it up!)

    Just to add - I took an Amex BA card. Used it to pay everything I purchased for one month - then paid it off and cut it up. Not only did i get Meerkat Movies for free but I also got 3000 Avios!
  • I have just bought two days travel insurance, single day seemed not available, and entered the details on the activation screen. However it keeps asking me to check the details. I see that Martin says it can take up to 48 hours. I hope that is for company's info to reach Meerkat and I will be able to activate the screen in the next day or two.
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    tripledtripled Forumite
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    I see MSE have taken the credit in their article for lamp's post!

    I bought travel insurance last Friday afternoon using Debenhams. On Monday morning it was over 48 hours and it still hadn't validated, so I dropped them an email. They replied within a few hours saying they had sorted it, and sure enough I can now generate the code.

    I see hasn't been back with CTM's reply... if they only took a few hours to reply to me, surely they've replied by now!

    Here was the response to my query:
    Dear Tripled,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    It's great to hear you're interested in Meerkat Movies!

    I'm sorry you’re having trouble activating your Meerkat Movie membership.

    I’ve had a look into this for you and I’m able to see your purchase.

    I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to create your Meerkat Movie membership for you. Once you go back into your Meerkat Movies App, you should now be able to activate your Meerkat Movie Membership.

    You may need to log out and log back into your App to ensure it recognises the changes we have made.

    I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy your Meerkat Movie experience.

    Kind regards

    Customer Experience Team
  • steven504steven504 Forumite
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    "Well, we’ve come up with a jolly little wheeze to manipulate Meerkat Movies and get it for virtually nowt. Simples!"

    A bit disingenuous from MSE as this offer has been on HDUK for 2 weeks.
    Lets not use quidco
  • I've has the same issue Quinten so have just sent a query to CTM customer services to flag this. The link KxMx posted about qualifying purchases does include travel insurance but I also was told when trying to activate that the travel insurance doesn't qualify. i'll update when I hear more... :)
  • lynsayjanelynsayjane Forumite
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    Xmas Saver!
    Does anyone know if the 2 for 1 would work with a Cineworld unlimited card? The Orange Wednesday offer did so in theory no cost on the day of the trip, just the DD for the Unlimited card.

  • NikkisunNikkisun Forumite
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    lynsayjane wrote: »
    Does anyone know if the 2 for 1 would work with a Cineworld unlimited card? The Orange Wednesday offer did so in theory no cost on the day of the trip, just the DD for the Unlimited card.


    Yes it does - we've used it a couple of times - you can use the Meerkat code to book online too.
    xxx Nikki xxx
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