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The big NSTurtle March to sea!

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The big NSTurtle March to sea!

NST stands for Ninja Saving Turtle as this challenge is roughly based on the ones started by NINJASAVINGKAT in 2012. Check them out if you're new.

Welcome to March! This is not a race but a steady march like freshly hatched baby turtles on their way to the sea. We’d like to change our circumstances for the better, imagine where we want to be and then put into action the little things that will take us to the end like the baby turtles that finally reach the sea despite being washed back umpteen times by the coming waves. They persist and march on.

This challenge goes by the usual rules of hard and fast debt busting/saving. However, I would like all turtles to also find a balance. Allow time and a little money to treat yourself. I don’t want this just to be a hard, draining slog. Have fun while doing it and take care of yourself emotionally (loads of you are already doing yoga, mediation, having time out to read) and physically (go out for a walk, try to eat well). Failure is not an option this month because failure does not exist. This is a learning curve for many still (I’ve been doing this for about 2 years). If the waves wash you back, get up and keep going towards the sea. So our plan of attack this month is embracing the slow and steady form of the baby turtles and their consistent and focused determination.

So Contenders (old and new) read the rules, get your names down, your lists made and your determination caps on.

Let’s do this!

The Rules

• This Challenge commences on the 1st March 2015 at 00:00 and ends on the 31st March 2015 at 23:59.
You will set your OWN SFD target. Be prudent to take in every eventuality and be realistic. Take it slow if you are new. 1 SFD is better than none. Mine will be 20. Medicines, shopping consisting entirely of YS and kids activities do not count as spends
The most important point is this; choose how much you are paying towards your debt/savings and do it on the 1st of this month. Live on what’s left!!! I know this can be challenging as I know myself especially if you have dependants, but try.
Set your budget totals carefully. Choose envelopes/accounts whatever works for each activity i.e. food, outings etc. Re-jig that spreadsheet or notebook and write EVERYTHING down!
Food budget Supermarket basics are the staple of your diet, you will meal-plan and you will make your own food. No convenience foods please. Batch cook if possible and use up those weird and wonderful items lurking in the back of your freezer and cupboard. Google is great to find fantastic recipes and try sth new.
Toiletries Use up what you have. Your favourite soap is on special offer - don’t. Your budget for this is £5 (excluding loo roll), Tescimo and LIDLdidle, and many others have basic ranges of toothpaste, hand soap etc that do the job just as well.
No take-outs of any kind till the 26th. This includes the use of them as rewards for an OH being good or kind. Find something else that costs nothing to amuse him/her. I’m away after the 26th and mice/cat/house come to mind. (Anyway see treat below)
Summer holiday prep must begin now. Where are you going to go (if at all) and how much will it cost you? Can you start putting pennies away?
You must carry your lunch everyday. No food to be bought in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, vending machines etc. It’s hard, it’s too easy sometimes but this is where you have to plan ahead and be prepared!
Allow yourself a treat of £10 at the end of the month. May that be a drink in a pub with friends or a magazine and a chocolate bar.

Okay - that’s it! Now lets have your name and off we march….

Please do not re-post / quote this entire opening message of rules. If you sign up you are basically saying that you are giving everything a go.
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  • thriftylass
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    P.S. I also have small additional challenges that relate to a bit of a spring clean in various ways that I would like you to tackle throughout the month at your own pace because it can be hard sometimes to fit things into our busy life style

    De-clutter that kitchen. This includes appliances you don’t need and food that needs to be chucked out. Again you MUST use up what’s in there before buying more. Get to the bare bones and be experimental!

    I will definitely need to do that as our kitchen seems big but does not have enough cupboard space and there is stuff stacked on top of the cupboards, the work surface are cluttered etc.

    De-clutter the house in general. We are concentrating on selling or giving away items this month instead of exercise. I want 31 items (that’s only one a day) sold, recycled, binned or donated please. Don’t care how small.

    That broken printer that takes up space under your desk. That bowl full of clutter and random keys on the kitchen counter. That too holy to fix t-shirt still in your wardrobe. That jumperoo your kid is too big for. Those three vinyl tiles that you’ll never use again left over from fixing the bathroom floor. OUT. (As you can probably tell I used some personal examples, lol).

    Reduce your energy/water bill We are hopefully approaching spring soon with warmer temperatures and more light. I would like you to be vigilant in switching off those unused lights; open the curtains let the spring sun in. Starts turning down that thermostat/ reduce the timer on the heating (health and children permitting).

    Declutter your mind. I'm not that good at that kind of thing. But I would like you to continue with what Mothernerd started last month. Take 15 min a day to calm, relax, de-stress, think about your future, have some me-time etc.

    Good luck and have fun, lol
    DEBT 06/24: CC 6347 5120 £2350 £2000, OD £500, Other £3100 £2650 Planned debt free date: Dec 2024
  • thriftylass
    thriftylass Posts: 4,002 Forumite
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    Marching Turtles

    1. Bobarella
    2. Calling14
    3. liltdiddylilt
    4. iarniee
    5. Synonymous
    6. Mothernerd
    7. Thriftylass
    8. Stewby
    9. Sazzlebgood
    10. Apple Muncher
    11. Wishus
    12. The Only Girl
    13. Debtdrowninglondongirl
    14. shyspender
    15. CEW
    16. Samiszel
    17. WelshKitty85
    18. parsniphead
    19. nannygladys
    20. Fmess
    21. Dottydaisy
    22. speakingofart
    23. MagicCat
    24. traveller
    25. Dizzy Imp
    26. LoveaDove
    27. Iwillsuceed
    28. Pippy1971
    29. littleskintdragon
    30. Caeraugirl
    31. angelicious
    32. blubella
    DEBT 06/24: CC 6347 5120 £2350 £2000, OD £500, Other £3100 £2650 Planned debt free date: Dec 2024
  • Bobarella
    Bobarella Posts: 10,824 Forumite
    Savvy Shopper! I've been Money Tipped!
    I'm in Thrifty :)
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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  • Calling14
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    Thanks for running the thread at short notice Thrifty, count me in let the de-cluttering commence this weekend.
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Now £0 Finally Debt FreeMortgage free Oct 2019:)EFund/savings £25000 10/11/22
  • liltdiddylilt
    I am in pickle!! Thanks so much for doing this! :D xx
    Virtual Pot #25 £0.00/£350.00
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  • iarniee
    Sign me up!

    Can't wait for this challenge.
  • Synonymous
    I'm in thrifty - your kick-off to the month sounds great, and all at such short notice! Thank you :beer:
    NST September: SFD 17/20, food £62.87/£60, travel £61.55/£40, Outings £39.80/£100, Allotment £7.17/£30 Other: £42.32, Meditation ?/30.
    NOT BUYING IT! 2015 - A Consumer Holiday.
  • mothernerd
    mothernerd Posts: 4,827 Forumite
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    Sign me up please thriftylass
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
  • stewby
    stewby Posts: 1,206 Forumite
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    Ooooooooooooooooh me please!! Haven't even read the challenge yet.

    Number 8 if possible.

    Thank you thrifty.
    Mortgage: £0/£80,329.91
    Savings: £0/£6400
  • sazzlebgood
    in in in in please need to re focus
    budgets = food gone:eek:/ petrol almost gone:eek:/nsd:mad:/ Treats: where the money gone? far far away:mad:/exercise not happening/declutter: only my purse:(
    time for me :fat chance
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