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How much do you earn and able to save a month?

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  • lalmanlalman Forumite
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    I just left my last job and earned 3467 and saved 2250 but had to pay 660 rent.

    My new job salary is 2250ish and will hopefully be saving 1800 a month. No rent to pay though...

    I think you when it comes to it, you don't actually need that much stuff... i feel fortunate i paid my car off a number of years ago so the cost of it is 30 quid road tax, insurance of 300 a year and fuel...

    I think you can still live a good life on around 500 a month excluding rent and bills.
    My Goal: From 1st of Jan 2015 to 31st of December 2015 is to save 30000.

    48.78% towards 2015 target.

    105.3% towards 2014 target. :j
  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    DH is earning about 1700 a month at present. we've never had so much! saving about £500 a month. however as its agency work this wont last forever and he'll probably go back to around £1200 soon
  • lulu_92lulu_92 Forumite
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    earn £1440 every four weeks and save £550. OH earns £1250 and overpays his mortgage by £300pm

    I really wanted to buy OH some personalised number plates for his birthday this month but would involve eating into the savings!
    Our Rainbow Twins born 17th April 2016
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  • I earn about 1200 and regularly save £750 , although I do dip into the savings most months (birthdays, holidays etc).

    This only since I became debt free.

    It took me 7 years to pay off my debts and I cut back so much to get there I've forgotten how to spend money.

    Not that I'm complaining :)
  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    I earn £1638 a month and spend a fair bit on the mortgage. I am saving £50 a month for Christmas and holidays/presents etc. I am going to try to save £25 for a kitchen fund and emergencies starting this payday.

    I do waste a fair bit of my wages on silly things and need to think smart. I am glad to learn from everyone else and this site cheers me up.
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    nz83nz83 Forumite
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    I earn about £4,600/month and I put £600 into my pension and £600 into savings a month, although I've just bought a house as a first time buyer and so I've not been saving recently as have had a tonne of stuff to buy!

    I also save my bonus I get every 6 months, so about £16k a year on top of that.

    But seeing all of you guys I realise I am obviously frittering away a LOT of my money - time to sit down and budget and be a bit better at actually saving! Have no idea what I spend it on.
  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    salary in account today :-) £1880. put £600 away. hope to add to this later in the month .
  • About to move into a house share following a break up, aiming to save 800pcm
  • TakeNoRosesTakeNoRoses Forumite
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    I earn £1,100-£1,300 per month roughly, plus any extras I get in (like my recent Children's Bond), and aim save at least £1,000 per month.

    I still live with my parents so my rent is only £25 a week. Other than that I'm extremely strict with my money. My pony only gets the essentials and I hardly ever treat myself. I have a massive savings goal to reach! :)
    LIFE GOAL ACHIEVED (21yo): Proud owner of 24 magical acres! :T :j
    LIFE GOAL ACHIEVED (23yo): Got my horse lorry. :D
    NEW LIFE GOAL: 1. Own a house with land and my own sandschool. 2. Retire early (if I want to:rotfl:).
  • chocolatelover93chocolatelover93 Forumite
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    I wish I could save more, I only get £858 (soon going up to £910 thanks to a pay rise) a month. I am also paying off a loan to my dad, but worked out if I pay him £50 a month I will be debt free in 11 months :D
    I also own my car (it's a 15 year old Focus, TBH I don't really care what car I drive as long as it gets me from A to B) and I do have Sky TV and a mobile so thats my only luxuries really.
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