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Tesco have named the stores which will close.



  • geordie_joe
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    Tesco didn't put shops out of business. Customers put shops out of business because they decided that Tesco offered them something that was preferable to what they previously had.

    Exactly, but it wasn't just Tesco, it was every supermarket. All the people who used to shop in the high street, and that was everybody, didn't switch to Tesco, they also went to the other big supermarkets too. And even now, many of the people who don't shop in their local high street shop in aldi and lidl.

    I remember back in the late 70's my mother, and other mothers complaining that the co-op was killing the other shops in the high street. And my dad telling her not to shop there in that case.

    That was in the days when the co-op had all kinds of shops. You had the food store, the electical shop, the haberdashery (sic), the sweet shop, undertakers etc. etc. There are pictures of the town I grew up in on the internet and and every shop on one side of the main street, except the newsagents was a co-op shop of one sort or another.

    Tesco didn't invent trying to sell everything, they just stole the idea from the co-op and put every thing in one store instead of having different stores for different things.
  • geordie_joe
    geordie_joe Posts: 9,112 Forumite
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    IronWolf wrote: »
    People are not better off by cooperating to avoid Tesco,

    Nobody said people would be better off, but jack_pott did say the community as a whole would be.
    IronWolf wrote: »
    there is no benefit to them if other people do or dont shop there.

    Yes there is, but not in money terms. If there wasn't a benefit then they wouldn't be against Tesco.
    IronWolf wrote: »
    If everyone is better off individually shopping at Tesco then the community as a whole is better off shopping at Tesco.

    Only in money, but a community is not about money, it's about people living together and interacting with each other. Not steaming round a supermarket never speaking to anyone and getting upset because the person in front of them is not packing the shopping fast enough.
    IronWolf wrote: »
    More so because the more customers a single shop has, the greater its buying power which reduces prices even further for customers.

    A community isn't about money. In your paragraph above each individual would have more buying power, but that would not help a community.
  • [Deleted User]
    Pity... I liked the HomePlus at Cribbs.
  • jon81uk
    jon81uk Posts: 3,790 Forumite
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    Does this mean Tesco is getting rid of the Homeplus store concept and concentrating more on groceries again?
  • red_devil
    red_devil Posts: 10,793 Forumite
    That is true if everyone buys on the same principle (ie, if everyone buys the cheapest of what is on offer, or the most convenient).

    But not everyone does. People choose to shop where they do for a multitude of reasons, including price, parking, convenience, service, choice, quality of product, location, brand recognition, peer pressure, etc. The most successful brands are not always the cheapest (Apple's recent profit statement is proof of that).

    There is nothing to say that the arrival of a new competitor cannot improve standards for everyone. We have two local butchers that have managed to succeed by embracing late evening opening - something that very few small businesses have done despite our dramatically changing shopping habits.

    Of course, sites like this one encourage people to buy on price and price alone - they have modified consumer behaviour so that "getting something cheap, cheapest and cheaper still" is what large parts of the population value more than anything else.

    when you say a few butchers managed to succeed, they will have seen a dramatic fall in their takings also they may have had to lay off staff.
  • System
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    The Tesco Express in Sheffield Manor has changed hands so many times. It was Kwik Save, Gateway and a Sommerfield. My grandparents used to live in nearby Abourthorme.

    There is a Asda opposite - a former Netto.
  • missflirtuk
    I have lived in Sheffield all my life and didn't even know we had a Tesco at the Manor.
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  • [Deleted User]
    If Tesco own the land then don't get your hopes up of another similar food store/supermarket taking over. Fact.
  • catkins
    catkins Posts: 5,703 Forumite
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    evenasus wrote: »
    Not as cheap as Asda though.

    Although the main reason I shop at Asda is because it's local.

    I almost always put my shopping list into "mysupermarket" to see which supermarket is the cheapest and most times it is Sainsburys. Usually Asda is maybe the 3rd or 4th cheapest.

    Some things in Asda are cheap although not usually the items I buy . I just hate shopping there. The closest one to me just seems to be full of strange and annoying customers
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  • DCFC79
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    jon81uk wrote: »
    Does this mean Tesco is getting rid of the Homeplus store concept and concentrating more on groceries again?

    If there's still some left then no but if all of the Home plus are closing then yes they are.

    They will be trimming down the choice of grocery items you can buy.
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