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MIL funeral, but FIL won't allow my children to attend

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    The OP didn't feel comfortable with an earlier suggestion of taking the kids and leaving them at the cinema whilst the adults go to the funeral. (which is the option I'd have probably gone for having similar aged kids) so I don't think she's going to be comfortable leaving the kids for several hours when it's possibly the first time they'd be left in such a way.

    It's irrelevant if we leave our own kids (or used to).I have no issues leaving my 14yo and have done in a similar manner, though it wasn't intended when our car broke down 40 miles from home and we awaited hours for recovery. I rang my parents to collect 11yo as I was aware that our intended eta home would be fine, but not hours later for her. I make this judgement call based on what I know about my kids,their capabilities and their interaction with each other.
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