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  • Thank you for starting the new thread 3forholidays. Hope everyone has a great Christmas. Can't wait to continue into 2015 :-)
  • Thanks for the new thread 3forholidays.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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    Thank you 3fortheholidays you've done s great job.

    Happy Christmas everybody. In the words of SFAM's boy "Just do what you WANT to do today a wise man xxx
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    It's not the things you do at Christmastime
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  • Thanks for the new thread. Kinda lost my mojo this year, life took over and just read when I could! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2015 x
  • Hiya. Im back in properly for 2015. Did really well this year budget wise. Also avoided the buying piles of stuff for sake of it trap. Kids have loved and wanted everything!

    Currently relaxing eating chocs whilst dh snoozes, dd2 is watching snowman next yo me and dd1 is building her xmas lego.

    Hope everyone else has had a good time and thanks for new fred x
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    Thanks for the new thread. I lost my way from October due to being so busy and we moved our Christmas celebrations forward to the 21-23rd as my daughter has gone away to spend Christmas with her dads & his family. :D

    I've already started planning 2015, I've put £2 on a Christmas savings card at A5da already and plan on topping it up regularly with any grocery savings I make ;)When December comes I'll use the money to buy our Christmas clothes or something :D

    Right now though I'm going to sit down with my new diary and get everything entered in it so I can start 2015 all organised...in theory :rotfl:

    :xmastree::xmastree:Merry Christmas!!!! :xmastree::xmastree:
    Creeping back in for accountability after falling off the wagon in 2016.
    Need to get back to old style in modern ways, watching the pennies and getting stuff done!
  • Thanks for the new thread 3forholidays. Just made my final post on the old one.

    We've agreed a £10 limit for the adults for next year - did it between us and sister and BIL this year and it worked really well so going to extend it to everyone next year. Looking at £20 for the children but still need to give some thought to that before deciding.

    2015? Bring it on :j:j:j
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • Thanks for the sparkly new thread 3!

    Due to the (very nice) suprise of being snowed under with orders this Christmas, all my prep went out the window, so 2015 needs to be better to avoid the panic and stress that went hand in hand with 2015.

    DH bought me a 5 year Christmas planner which I am going to put to very good use! I want it to become a thing of tradition and beauty, full of memories of Christmas past!

    Although it was fun having the challenge of only spending £30 for all Christmas presents, it heaped on the stress as everything was left until last minute. This year I will be back to purchasing throughout the sales and definitely wrapping as I go!

    I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of Christmas!
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  • Wow! Just wow! You never cease to amaze me. Every year I mean to post more but don't have much to say and you can not just post but sort out new threads and links -well done.

    It was very quiet the three of us but chilled. We actually played the harry potter destination game that was recommended on the Holly and ivy thread I think the other year when I needed help (we have played it lots). I read my first book in ages a chick lit the xmas party by carole Matthews while watching all the xms tv. I am aiming for a lazy day today.

    I ran into asda on xmas eve for bread and they had reduced some character slippers to £3 so I put them away for next year. I don't think I'll be braving the sales in town.

    It's sad but I really really hope this forecast snow actually appears.

    Hugs to everyone who needs them x thank you 3forholidays for starting new thread.
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    I have enough wrapping paper, tags and cards for next year and instead of buying gifts early, this year intend to just save 30 quid a month and then use the money in November to buy everything online. I'm doing the 2015 frugal challenge too and will put any left over budget into the pot too to cover Christmas food and drink.

    Hope you all had a great day Yesterday. I'm working Today, from home but still, Christmas is pretty much over for me now.
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