How many different vegs with Christmas Dinner?



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    Nope, never had mash as well as roast potatoes and I can't get my head round cauliflower cheese with a roast dinner (cheese and gravy?) or Yorkshire puddings with anything other than beef and sweetcorn with Christmas dinner just seems wrong - I rate it as a Saturday/midweek more casual veg.

    No mash! For us, it has to be there on the table for all occasions, especially when I make it! Creamy, buttery, comforting and gorgeous. Yum. and you can put the cauli cheese on the plate out of the way of the gravy. To the left, and it will be fine!

    We are a household of spud eaters. (Irish :rotfl:) what can I say? the more spuds the better, unless you are doing the Paleo diet thing,
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    We're another family who don't have mash and roast potatoes together. We do eat quite a bit of veg though so we'll have roast potatoes and parsnips (which I don't really class as veg) cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, baby sweetcorn, sprouts and green beans or sugar snaps.
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    I will explain.

    Both roast and mashed potatoes because we couldn't decide between them, so have a bit of both.

    Sweetcorn because it's one of the few veg my picky brother would eat.

    Yorkshire puddings with things other than beef because Yorkshire puddings.

    Afraid I don't know about the cauli cheese!
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    We have quite a lot of veg too because we love it - carrots, swede, brocolli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, leeks, roast potatoes - never mash! We have rice and peas too, my partners family tradition, quite normal in the Caribbean apparently and actually goes really well with gravy.

    It does sound a lot but we only have a little of each, its just so nice to have all the flavours, roll on Christmas :j
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  • We would usually have:
    Mashed potatoes
    roast potatoes
    roast parsnips
    carrot (batons usually, or mashed with swede)
    broccoli and cauliflower
    red cabbage

    though I admit most of it is for my benefit as I love the occasion and go a bit overboard (I do prep in advance etc though) and leftovers either freeze or going in sandwiches/lunches
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  • Its just me, dh, 2 dds, and fil this year (hooray, a bit of a rest!).
    So we will just be having all our favorites:
    Mashed Potato AND Roast spuds
    Roasted parsnips
    Brocolli & Cauliflower cheese bake

    Its a once a year dinner, calories and sat fat intake doesn't get given a thought! We are also having 2 joints (pork & lamb), stuffing, Yorkshires & pigs in blankets!
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  • Do all the people who cook lots of different veg have range cookers and lots pans, and how/where do you keep it all hot before serving?
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    Do all the people who cook lots of different veg have range cookers and lots pans, and how/where do you keep it all hot before serving?

    I have a range cooker, though my MIL when she was alive cooked for in excess of 10 with just a normal cooker in a tiny kitchen.
    What she did, and I do now for convenience is cook most of the veg an hr or two before required, then put it in separate Pyrex dishes with a knob of butter, covered in tinfoil and warm through in oven when required.
    All the pans would be washed and put away and the veg served from the Pyrex bowls with the remainder being put on the table.
    The veg tastes just as good and it all seems less fraught somehow.
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    Do all the people who cook lots of different veg have range cookers and lots pans, and how/where do you keep it all hot before serving?

    I have a steamer and most of it goes in there, parsnips in the oven (not a range unfortunately!) leeks in a pan. Keeping it hot whilst serving comes down to my ninja skills :rotfl:.
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    I hope you all enjoy these massive meals, but for me, the sight of all that food would put me right off and I probably couldn't eat more than a spoonful.

    Yorkshire Puddings, in the tradition of rural Yorkshire where I grew up, were not included in Christmas dinner. Reason: Yorkshire Pudding was a batter pudding served separately, as a first course on a normal Sunday. It was 'poverty food' in the times when meat was scarce and expensive. You ate more YP to start with and therefore less meat. For a celebration meal like Christmas, YPs were not included.

    I don't know what we'll be having on Christmas Day. We normally have a special breakfast of scrambled egg with smoked salmon, then church. We got a Christmas Pudding from Aldi last week, but anything else - don't know yet. Might be roast pork. The foxes get any scraps left over from this.

    I've never been able to face huge meals with 2 kinds of potatoes and several veg.
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