How many different vegs with Christmas Dinner?



  • kathrynha
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    We will have roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sweetcorn, sprouts and cauliflower.
    The potatoes aren't really a veg and as it's Christmas day got to have everyones favourite. Sprouts are my 8 year old daughters favourite.
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    i don't get the idea of mash and roasted together in the same dinner either!!

    i'll have roast pots, roast parsnips, carrots, sprouts and possibly a roasted onion.

    I do serve mash but I don't take it it's tradition here that a roast dinner is with mash and perhaps just one roastie ( more often or not cooked in the chip pan :eek: ). So that's what hubby is used to so its Christmas he gets it :)

    This is why I just buy a ready made mash and nuke it. The left overs makes the bubble and squeak later in the week
  • Do all the people who cook lots of different veg have range cookers and lots pans, and how/where do you keep it all hot before serving?

    That's why you plan veg you can cook in different ways so as to manage cooker space.
    ie pre cook some so you can just reheat in microwave, have a veg you can cook in oven eg parsnips and cauliflower cheese then some you cook fresh at the time eg sprouts. Easy!
  • Hedgehog99
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    Roast potatoes, cubed sweet potato + carrot + Crown Prince or Butternut squash all roasted together, and probably some sweetcorn.

    Loathe sprouts & anything else from the cabbage family & can't eat peas any more.

    Love squash, so while it may not be a traditional Christmas veg, we'll be enjoying it!
  • lostinrates
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    melanzana wrote: »
    No worries, as long as I'm not called "too early in the morning"!

    I'd be more concerned about the heavy duty tummies, and we know that lots of veg can result in a rush to the little room...:rotfl:

    And BTW I love veg... I have my faves though, and that's ok.

    Merry Christmas.

    I think it depends how veg heavy your diet normally is and I think you have to think about portion size. We have a fair variety ( we bank on left overs, they are the best bits of a celebration meal) but i don't have huge portions, knowing I'll be eating the left overs for a few delicious days.

    For example we just recently celebrated thanksgiving ( we have an American connection) and I did red cabbage, butternut, potates, parsnips, celeriac, parsnips, um, oh yes, sweet potatoes, cannot think if there was anything else. Probably not. But it was for three people for the meal and two of us for left overs. It was EXPECTED and hoped that there would be lots of leftovers!

    For Christmas I expect a fairly similar veg offering.....potatoes, parsnips, braised celery possibly or mashed celeriac, if not mashed celeriac then another vegetable mash ( carrot and something most likely). Baked apples ( we have goose not turkey, I may do some ing other than apples, but these are simple and nice) , brussel sprouts and chestnuts, roast onions and garlic. I think. Haven't really thought about it yet.
  • lostinrates
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    i don't get the idea of mash and roasted together in the same dinner either!!


    We don't have mash potato with roast potatoes but a mashed veg makes a nice texture. ( and great in left overs!)

    Also, we don't have cauliflower cheese with poultry , but we quite often have cauli cheese ( no potatoes) with roast beef for non celebratory meals. Cauli cheese and beef is a very good combination. And the great thing about it is they are both stove dishes that need little fuss, and some quick steamed veg and its a food meal for a busy weekend day with friends...filling, 'smart' with a nice piece of beef, but not kitchen heavy.

    Ultimately, however, if its people's favourite chistmas tradition AND there will not be waste where is the issue? Despite our veg glut, it will all be eaten over days, and we HAVE stripped out many, many family dishes, which we now eat as meals AROUND Christmas itself instead. This is much happier for us...( sometimes afterwards with those left over veg, sometimes before). By doing this we're really enjoying things more.

    Personally I'm far less 'ethically' or 'idealisticLly' offended by people making extra veg than the bizarre gluttony on poorly reared meat and overindulgence on rather poor quality confectionary/things containing animal products like cream/eggs.
  • Chris25
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    This year it'll be mashed potatoes with finely chopped onion added, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, swede, & brussels.

    The following day we'll have mashed pots, cauliflower cheese, carrots, & brocolli with baked ham.
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