MSE News: Petrol prices to fall again at three major supermarkets

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    redux wrote: »
    British retailers certainly have plenty more space to drop prices.

    I used to reckon that diesel was 8 to 16 pence a litre cheaper in France than here.

    Now it's as much as 35 pence.

    And it will probably go under a euro per litre fairly soon, so we should be looking at about a quid here.

    That makes a regular trip over the channel even more attractive:)
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    Here are the latest fuel prices from France.

    The cheapest diesel works out around £0.87 per litre, which is a £15 saving per 46 litres for a full tank on my car.
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    Trebor16 wrote:
    You don't like being challenged so you have gone down the road of trying to belittle another poster. All that has done is to undermine you and show you up for the person you really are.
    gik wrote:
    agarnett by name and by nature. Judging by your words in this thread you really do have an attitude problem.
    If those two comments are now representative of UK general intellect then I do now know why UK is getting ripped off on fuel prices and citizens in other countries are not.

    In particular, look at that very careless analysis of an ERM II 15% limit as it applies to a country whose own government is actually obliged (still within ERM II) to work within a 2.25% range for DKK/EUR, and chooses to disregard even that narrow range for their own more robust economic strategy for stability, so as a consequence of their own decisions about how to position their own economy within the bigger world, they have barely let DKK/EUR outside a 1% variation range in 10 years.

    So, since I know that, I reported very clearly that the "DKK/EUR" deliberately pegged exchange rate was not allowed to vary by more than about 1% and Trebor16 says I am wrong because he doesn't know that the 15% limit he found does not apply to the Danish government, did not read enough of the article I linked for him, to discover the 2.25% requirement, or the 1% I indicated right at the outset, and consequently still doesn't want to hear it! I have shown him the 10 year DKK/EUR chart, but still he doesn't want to see it or read it.

    I think he needs me to be wrong so he can once more knock my incidental reports of 92p per litre diesel when he wants to insist 8.69DKK is 96p this weekend. Then hey presto, he can say the DK diesel price is significantly more expensive than UK net of tax - or at least I think that was the angle he was trying to argue! Who really cares? The point of the thread was that UK prices don't change fast enough and in other countries, like Denmark, they do.

    But he is so persistent, that he is either a commercially motivated thread spoiler, or just someone wholly incapable of accepting that he, like everyone else, has made errors.

    I freely admit my style of posting is not attractive to many, but if I had made a mistake in my analysis, or maths, I promise you I would be the first to admit it as soon as it was pointed out. I have checked all my information pretty carefully, but I do make mistakes. It's just that no-one has correctly found any mistakes yet.

    I sometimes despair of our dumbed-down general levels of education evident over the past three decades. Not only have our children generally not learned the knowledge they should have within a schooling system of a so-called world-leading country, but worse still, they have not learned how to keep learning. They reach a basic level, then think they know it all, and then start arguing against any new knowledge presenting itself to be learned. It is a cultural thing in our schools that swots should not dare to hold their head high. It's almost like the flat-earth argument coming back into vogue! It's probably not their fault. Our government is doing its best to deflect ordinary young people from higher education and would rather they were engrossed in something like football instead. That's our national sport. Learning stuff is just for geeks and nerds. Real education is once more just for toffs kids, or those who love learning, but still haven't a clue now how much it is really going to cost them!

    Anyway, I think I've finally got to the bottom of the real thread question. The reason why UK fuel retailers have not been reducing their pump prices to keep pace with the oil price crash (yes it is a crash - there've not been many of those in any of our lifetimes, so it is special) is because people in UK are generally too gullible. They are generally ripe for being ripped off, and don't like to admit it and get hacked off for being tipped off!

    Brits can however be trusted to stand in line after line for all the mis-selling compo going, one scandal after another, barely thinking how much time and effort others put in to cause corporate miscreants to crumble and cave in!
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    Still plummeting fast, but not in UK. WHY NOT UK?
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