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  • Sally87
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    SDP wrote: »
    Allen carr did about 3 books, they are all called something like "how to stop smoking". I used his book to stop smoking and i found it the easiest of all my attempts used patches, gum, inhailer before and failed on them all, I stopped smoking on the 1st of May this year, i still get a little twinge now and again but i see it for what it is, a moment that will pass, and it does, all i need to do now is loose the weight i have gained about a stone, but i consider the fact that i have managrd to escape the clutches of the evil weed and got a few curves instead a very fair swap, good luck to anyone who stops i found it quite easy with the help of this book.

    I would highly, highly recommend this book (Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking) - I stopped for 2 years then went and started again (who knows why :rolleyes: ) and found it impossible to quit, until I read this book about a year ago. I went from 40-50 a day, straight to nothing, without a twinge :)

    Basically he tells you to keep on smoking until you've finished the book (actually advises against cutting down as it only makes the bloody things seem more precious!), and it sorts out the mental addiction, which is a million times stronger than the physical. I've not had one craving since I quit this time (the last time, when I was off for 2 years, it was hell), the only times I thought about it at all was when I was doing something I associated cigarettes with, but I didn't actually want them. I even found it so incredible that I tried one of my mums just as a 'test', which was a bit idiotic, but luckily worked; I didn't get anything out of it and couldn't understand how on earth I ever did. Didn't finish the fag :)

    Sorry to go on, but I'm so enthusiastic about this book! Definitely worth giving it a try, it's only a little more than the price of a packet of fags anyway!:T

    EDIT - Forgot to say, my mum's an alcoholic and once I'd read the smoking one I found out he'd done one for alcohol as well so I bought it for her, and that one seems very helpful as well :)
  • thehulkid
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    hi just wanted to share my partner's experience. He was smoking 20 cigerettes a day, he wanted to give up but had tried everything and failed.He was told about a book "give up smoking the easy way" by Allen Carr.(NOT THE COMEDIAN.)HE BROUGHT THE BOOK £5.50 FROM ASDA.He hasn't smoked since that was 18months ago.DON'T TRY PATCHES GUM OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT THEY ARE SUBSTITUTES.This book makes you realise you can stop and never start again, he is proof.thousands have stopped with it.

    What approach to stopping you smoking does this book take, does it try to frighten you in to stopping.
  • MrsE_2
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    I gave up about 3 & a half years ago.

    I would rather chew my right arms off than smoke again.

    I hate the smell, i think they are nasty & dirty.

    I can't believe I did it for nearly 20 years.
  • thehulkid
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    It's great to read all these comments from successfull quitters:T i only wished it was me, i think about stopping every day, especialy now i have become a money saver, but despite the fact that i want to save even more money, and worry about my health, the thought of giving up actually makes me want to smoke MORE!!!, i did try a hypnotist about 4 years ago who told me that 90% of my smoking was stress related, but that's about all he did for me, although he was right i do live a very stressfull lifestyle, running a successful business, plus a family, i haven't tried gum, patches ect because believe it or not, i worry about the side effects,:confused: (how daft is that), i am a very rational person, but when it comes to smoking all that goes out the window, i am nearly 50 now, and have been smoking 10-15 cigs a day since i was about 18, i know now is the time to stop if i ever will, has anyone any more information on Allen Carrs book? i dont want to read anything that tries to frighten you in you stopping, it just has the opposite effect on me.
  • Fishingtime
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    The allen carr books do not set out to frighten you.
    If anything I would say it is more like brainwashing, he just repeats the same thing all the way through the book,I have read it and thought I could have stopped reading it after 2 chapters,as the rest just repeats itself.
    But my wife did read it and stopped 2 days later,that was 3 years ago.
    Owing on CC £00.00 :j

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  • hattiefats
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    I have stopped smoking for two years now and cannot believe how much I have saved. I spent £30 per week on cigs making a saving of £3120! I smoked for 13 years and gave up many times for short periods. Now I wouldn't smoke again for anything. No more coughing in the morning and smeling all smoky! To anyone who is thinking about quitting go for it!!
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  • Iguana
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    laura1976 wrote: »
    OK, I'm ready! Going to see the stop smoking lady tomorrow and beg for some help, I've failed many times before so I'm after the Zyban this time. Friend went to her last week and apparently she has to refer you to a doctor and the doc will only prescribe if she has referred, otherwise he sends you there first! Very confusing but hopefully I'm going the fastest way about it. She will refer me to doc, he will prescribe, then I'll see her once a week throughout the 3 month course........got good incentive in a new puppy coming mid-November so I'm going to have to get fit and healthy to run around with him! By the way, anyone who's thinking of stopping around now feel free to drop me a pm......I'm going to pack in alongside my friend but the more the merrier!:beer:

    So; are you a smoker or non smoker?
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    I stopped in Feb,cold turkey,as i reckoned patches etc only prolong the agony.I am so proud to have stopped as i smoked for 35 yrs.FEAR kept me chained to the weed all these years,and i didnt know that till i stopped.I used to come out in a cold sweat if i ran out of cigs late at night,if going on a journey i counted the minutes till i could have a puff.I have taken back control from the weed,for my health and my life and it feels very liberating.Good luck to all.
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    Well done; when I gave up I saved the money and bought myself a pair of diamond earrings.
  • Sugarplumfairy_2
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    I am now 2 weeks and 1 day smoke free thanks to the book.

    I get twinges too but just remind myself that I am a non smoker and that always helps. No withdrawals at all and feel so much better for it.

    I sleep better now and people are commenting on how much brighter my skin looks.

    I got the book from amazon for just under £ 3 and I would say try it, what have you got to lose except for a filthy habit !!
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