Have you given up smoking?



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    http://www.silkquit.org/sqmmiv/meter.aspx theres a download for free button

    I found this really useful when i give up 2 years ago. Its still on my computer and apparantly I have saved £5994 up to this minute:eek: :eek: and thats not taking into consideration the price increases.
    cold turkey for me
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  • marleyboy wrote: »
    I havent as yet given up, I tried in the past but gave up trying, Im now at the stage where I dont want to give up, as I smoke 20 a day easily, I can see how much I would save by doing so, but I think its a case of giving up because I want to, not because I am pressured to. I just dont think I want to. Am I wrong in that???

    That's exactly how i felt the other month and knew everyone and everything would be about giving up smoking during July.

    Take the time to plan what you wnt to do.

    I do miss smoking sometimes, but I don't want to go through giving up again.

    As for the patches expense. They were on offer at Tesco's and I used a 1000 pointer code, so I get the money back in deals. :D

    I needed a crutch and thats what they were, but i did get a little fed up of them near to the end. sicky stuff euyuck. :rotfl:
    I'm just looking, I'm not buying.............
    All Debts now paid :j
    New Project Tesco points collecting :rolleyes:
  • See my sig!:eek:

    That'll be me next year too, Thanks. Keep it up.:money:
    I'm just looking, I'm not buying.............
    All Debts now paid :j
    New Project Tesco points collecting :rolleyes:
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    Spammer. Please ignore.

    Edit: There was a spammer ... really ... they deleted the spam but not my post!
    Gone ... or have I?
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    Eagle_1 wrote: »
    Yes that workd for you but dont knock patches. some of us needed patches to get us through the initial early period.
    Id never have stopped if I had gone cold turkey, I packed in 19 months...ish ago by using a patch for a day. Once id got through a day I knew I was well on my way. some people need patches for longer but personally wether its a day, a week, 6 weeks or 6 months with patches as long as they dont inhale that smoke and can stop smoking eventually then thats blooming brilliant.

    dont knock patches, thats all I gotta say :D
    Hey not knocking patches at all. If they work for you then I say go for it!!!

    Don't want to turn into one of those holier than thou ex smokers lol. Was just trying to explain the technicality of not being able to wean yourself of tobacco.

    Sorry to any patch users. If you are trying to quit you are doing good!!!!:j .

    I'm not a "SINGLE" mum, I'm a "DOUBLE" mum!:D
  • The way I stopped was to delay the first fag of the morning by 1 hour extra every couple of days so that after a couple of weeks I was not lighting up untill mid-afternoon and I was down from 20-25/day to 6-10/day, another couple of weeks and I had stopped.
    I then took out a loan with payments equaling what I used to spend on fags each month and bought myself a better car, that way I could not afford to go back on the fags.
    No cold turkey but 15 years ago it worked for me and I have never even craved a fag since.
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    Tried lots, never succeded past a week.
    I can afford to smoke anyway.
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    I smoked my last at 11.50pm sunday 22nd july. so 5 days now, woo hoo! must admit did get help from the doc, got zyban tablets, tried the gum (might as well chew on the pepper pot), the patches and the puffer.
    :think: Always thinking!

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    Lincolnshire coop savings - £10.84
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