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  • ericlara
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    laura1976 wrote: »
    OK, I'm ready! Going to see the stop smoking lady tomorrow and beg for some help, I've failed many times before so I'm after the Zyban this time. Friend went to her last week and apparently she has to refer you to a doctor and the doc will only prescribe if she has referred, otherwise he sends you there first! Very confusing but hopefully I'm going the fastest way about it. She will refer me to doc, he will prescribe, then I'll see her once a week throughout the 3 month course........got good incentive in a new puppy coming mid-November so I'm going to have to get fit and healthy to run around with him! By the way, anyone who's thinking of stopping around now feel free to drop me a pm......I'm going to pack in alongside my friend but the more the merrier!:beer:
    let me know how u get on ...like i said,it worked for me...i have been smokin for 20yrs and i know i wont be smoking again...
    4 months 3 weeks 6days 13hours and 19minutes without a cigarette..and im doing great (honest):beer:
  • IvanOpinion
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    I gave up ciggies 7 years ago and reckon that between then and now I have 'saved' somewhere between £12,000 and £18,000 (depending on how you calculate it). Well, I haven't actually saved but used it to go on luxury holidays every year... now that is what I call an incentive.

    Also check out my signature as to how much tax I am saving by 'playing' the system (although I should point out that about £5-6K is 'extraordinary' and not part of what I expect to 'avoid' each year)

    Past caring about first world problems.
  • ailuro2
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    I have saved over £13000
    DH has saved over £18000
    based on today's prices.

    This meant when I came off of working shifts we didn't really miss the money.:beer:

    worth it just to know I didn't contribute if my daughter were ever to take up the foul habit- at least she has not been polluted since birth and thinks the smell of stale smoke is 'normal' like I did all of my life.

    Now I know better, I encourage everyone to quit, if only to stop smelling so badly...:p
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  • liitlehughes
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    Well, without going into 'The Struggle', lets cut to the chase regarding savings.
    When I arrived at 'The Decision' (to stop dipping toe in water & finally stop), I was also determined to save a significant wodge of the money previously up in smoke.
    I got one of those tins with a slot at the top but no opening at the bottom (you can only open with a can opener), from the stop smoking clinic I attended and, from day one, made sure I put in the equivalent of what I had previoulsy spent on the weed.
    To make sure I did, everytime I went to the local supermarket (where previoulsy bought cigs), I'd draw out some 'cashback' & put it straight in the tin. If I only went to supermarket once a week, I'd draw out a weeks worth of cig money - or more if I could.
    I'll have stopped smoking 2 yrs in January, and so far, from my 'tin' money (& I'm on my 3rd tin now), I've had a holiday in Ireland, bought a set of wardrobes and put nearly £4000 into a special Building Society account.
    What do I intent to spend the money on? Ironically, smoking has badly damaged my teeth & gums so the money is going towards expensive dental reconstruction work & implants.
    Put the money in a tin, it really works & quickly adds up. More importantly, it genuinely helps your motivation to quit this awful, awful addiction.
    Hope this helps.
  • pearldiver
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    krisskross wrote: »
    I gave up a little over 3 years ago. Used to spend approx £40 a week on the evil weed. Reckon I have not had to spend about £6,500 since giving up. Now that is serious money saving. All it cost me was the price of the Allen Carr book.

    Can you let me know title of this Allen Carr book? Thanks
  • SDP
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    Allen carr did about 3 books, they are all called something like "how to stop smoking". I used his book to stop smoking and i found it the easiest of all my attempts used patches, gum, inhailer before and failed on them all, I stopped smoking on the 1st of May this year, i still get a little twinge now and again but i see it for what it is, a moment that will pass, and it does, all i need to do now is loose the weight i have gained about a stone, but i consider the fact that i have managrd to escape the clutches of the evil weed and got a few curves instead a very fair swap, good luck to anyone who stops i found it quite easy with the help of this book.
  • steveymp
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    Found the Allen Carr book useful myself but still didn't get me off the habit:o you have to be in a certain mind set when reading it I think, at the time I was not:o

    Anyway at the end of October this year I saw a Smoking Cessation Officer at my workplace and after long discussion and having previously tried patches and gum etc..... she suggested I tried Champix tablets;) Now off the weed for 4 weeks and 3 days:T :T :T :T :T and all for the price of a few prescriptions too:T :T :T

    If you've tried everything else talk to your GP about Champix they really work:D
    I am trying, honest;) very trying according to my dear OH:rotfl:
  • cajef
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    Thirtyfive years ago I came home from work and my wife announced she was expecting, I threw a nearly full twenty pack of cigarettes in the dustbin and have never touched one since, one of the best things I have ever done.:beer:
  • Steff
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    I managed to stop smoking just over a year ago now! It was my second attempt and I used patches. Finished the WHOLE program - ie Full patch for eight weeks, half patch for four weeks etc.

    TIP - Dont buy the lower milligram patches - JUST CUT THE FULL STRENGTH ONES IN HALF / QUARTERS ETC!!!! WILL SAVE YOU SOME DOSH!!!

    It was VERY hard having smoked since I was 13 - am now 31, so it is one of my proudest achievements.

    Good Luck To All Of You Currently Trying! Keep going - stick on that patch!!!

    (PS - I still do get the odd twinge where I think I could have a "drag" but somehow I manage not to succumb)

    The saving on life insurance is amazing - previously £28 now £12..50!!;)

    Keep Trying!
    :hello:My name is Steff and I am a Vegas Addict :j
  • ruthe_3
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    I think that you can get NRT (patches etc) on the NHS if you go to a smoking cessation service? So you'd just have to pay the prescription charge. there's usually a leaflet in chemists. Good luck to everyone who's trying to quit!!
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