MSE News: Morrisons to begin price matching Aldi and Lidl

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Tomorrow Morrisons is launching its new 'Match & More' scheme, which price matches against Aldi and Lidl...
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Morrisons to begin price matching Aldi and Lidl


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  • Kingsd316Kingsd316 Forumite
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    Is this an in store card pick up or can you register online?
  • Is this going to be another price match con?

    If they are determined to be the cheapest why not just drop their prices?

    We all know the answers.
  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    Yes, it looks like a price match con.

    They'll claim 'incomparable' and if they can't they'll give you a voucher to spend on over priced stuff.

    People want 'more' and they increasingly know how to get it, supermarket loyalty isn't the way.
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  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    I use Aldi for reasons other than price. Once Dalton Philips gets the push Morrisons may do some market research to find out why this is so.
  • ddukdduk Forumite
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    Have to spend £15 in a single shop for it to apply. No use for me as I usually do several small shops through the week.
  • Ken68Ken68 Forumite
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    Their High Commissioner whisky is acceptable.
  • A._BadgerA._Badger Forumite
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    Apparently, they will be comparing their own brand products against Aldi's and Lidl's. The question is, will that be a fair comparison?

    Even if it is (and I have some doubts) it's another cumbersome, unwieldy scheme involving data mining, cards and points. As has been suggested above, if they are serious, they should cut their prices. We'll do the rest.
  • Clem_FandangoClem_Fandango Forumite
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    So I get 1p worth of 'points' for every 1p more that I spend at Morrisons compared to elsewhere. Once I've been over-charged sufficiently by Morrisons I get a voucher to spend back in their shops (and start all over again).

    I suppose they could try to consistently match prices, but there's no silliness involved with that.

    The more the likes of Morrisons push these 'initiatives', the more they push me towards Lidl and Aldi. The days of vouchers, coupons and the like are hopefully behind us.
  • kevin52kevin52 Forumite
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    This makes me laugh. When Morrisons took over Safeway they scrapped the ABC loyalty card, introduced £! coins for the trolleys, and reduced opening hours. They have now gone back on all three. How could they get it so wrong.
  • Ken68 wrote: »
    Their High Commissioner whisky is acceptable.

    If you're a down and out.

    Anyway, it's not exclusive to Morrisons, so your comment is irrelevant.
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