Should my mate pay for his own pricey drinks?



  • I hate rounds anyway, and normally decline being in them. I want to drink at my own speed and drink what I want. If you're going out with friends it really helps if you go somewhere with a set menu, or a buffet
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    Well, put it this way, when people agree to the round system, they don't specify what drinks each member of the party should be restricted to having. So it kind of erodes the ground for complaint later. Similarly, if you don't want to split the bill later then make it clear from the start.
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    In the far off days when I didn't work, we used to go out with friends who both worked. The bloke would always order an expensive steak, while I had a veggie meal at a third of the price.

    He always wanted to split the bill.
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    I don't really venture from Discussion time.. but I've now seen in very rare extra curricular navigation 3 bizarre question from relatively new MSE staff. I assume this one like the other two is a joke... a nonsense... no adult that I have ever met would ask the question... I'm sorry... but it seems to me new staff think they need to encourage discussion by asking silly moral questions that have obvious correct answers? Ban me if I'm wrong... this is a joke. Just effing talking to people..... it's called communication... if you can't communicate with friends.. see a shrink. My deepest apologies Joanne if this is a genuine question you ask... but I'm 40 years old... and I find it bloody odd.

    That occurred to me too. Do we have an in-house troll, the first one since SP perhaps.
    duchy wrote: »
    In a group it usually evens out over time. 50p extra over six people isn't worth stressing about.
    It's a little more difficult if it's only two or three people .

    Really though if you aren't mature enough to talk about it with the people involved-you probably aren't old enough to be drinking in a pub anyway.

    If someone isn't happy with the set-up with their friends, they probably need new friends. Proper mates would never even consider this to be an issue.
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    This is on the wrong board. The rest of the money moral dilemmas are on the money saving polls board??!

    Also doesn't have it in the title.
  • Wow does anybody really even still go to the pub any more? Why? :-)
    In my opinion he is cheeky to have a different drink every time to everyone else, he must know it's more expensive, but bring it up & you will be "that guy", so it's a no-win situation you're in I think.

    Buying rounds is a pain in the bum for reasons like that, also because surely not everyone wants to either drink as many drinks or drink at the same speed as each other.

    One last thing, for those citing "man laws", it makes you sound like a d-bag ;-)
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    As long as the miserable cheap skates make it clear before single drink is purchased that they resent anyone whose drinks cost more than the lowest drink will be buying their own its usually fine.

    Although I prefer not to socialise with those types who whip out the calculator app, and announce I sniffed a starter, only drunk tap water and had a childs portion of chips for dinner So I will only pay £1.79 and not pay towards a tip. If money is that tight why agree to come out?
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    DKLS wrote: »
    . If money is that tight why agree to come out?

    Because you wanted to spend a pleasant evening with your friends.
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    lxpeanut wrote: »
    Because you wanted to spend a pleasant evening with your friends.


    I've been out with friends that have been unemployed, they've had the cheapest thing off the menu because its all they could afford, yet someone wants to split the bill and make them pay triple the cost of their meal. I've also been in that position.

    Lets face it, if your friends are real friends, they wont suggest splitting the bill in the first place! They will offer to chip in more when they have an expensive meal, or if they know you are stretched with money.
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  • If it is a serious question suggest a kitty, everyone on beers puts in x and the more expensive drinkers put in proportionately more. Nobody shirks a round. But make sure you haven't chosen a venue where your friends fave drink is not unusually more expensive.
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