Should my mate pay for his own pricey drinks?



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    Funnily enough a few yaers ago I had the same problem. On the one hand the person concerned was a good friend but, on the other, he did tend to drink expensively compared to the rest of us. We cured him, in the end, when it was his round we all ordered similar value drinks instead of our usuals - he took the hint and, whilst still drinking spirts, moderated his drink of choice
  • I get that it is a friendly bloke thing to buy rounds and not admit to not being able to afford a bevvy with his mates; it's also a pleasant sharing social event for females.
    Equally I understand being a bit miffed if one person's drinks are always more expensive than the rest.
    Assuming you really are all friends and wish to stay that way, you need to be able to resolve this without causing bad feelings. You could possibly confess to being a bit short this week or month and ask if people minded if you opted out of the round and just bought your own as you still wanted to share their company.
    It might influence others, if not you wouldn't be left feeling you've been fleeced and possibly would go home sober.
  • Thank goodness I'm not one of your friends. How much extra is your friend's drinks? 30p? 50p? 6 odd drinks each at the end of the night and you've paid for approximately one extra drink. If another friend came in for one drink would you begrudge buying them that drink? Incidentally, the extra drink you would have forked out for is divided by all of you! Very petty. What goes around comes around.
  • I hate the buying in rounds thing

    Someone always feels hard done to

    Someone always goes home having brought less, or someone wants more expensive drinks

    I never buy in rounds, each buy their own

    It is like going into a restaurant and one person having chips and burger and the other having caviar - and then splitting the bill equally , you end up funding someone elses indulgences if you aren't careful
    With love, POSR <3
  • Surely if you're mates you can talk to him about it - either seriously or by each of you ribbing him until he feels uncomfortable or embarrassed?
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    Reading through these comments I'm at a loss as to why some of you even joined this forum. There is nothing tight about only wanting to pay your fair share. To take an earlier poster's example why should someone who ordered the cheap salad pay the same as those who ordered the more expensive meals? They chose a cheaper meal to pay less, perhaps because they couldn't afford the more expensive ones or perhaps they just felt the other meals were overpriced. You also had that choice. If everyone else wants to split the bill then just take the cost of the salad out and split the rest.

    Real friends don't pressure each other into paying towards their order and certainly don't stop going out with someone because they chose a cheaper meal to save a bit of money. How shallow.
  • when it's spirit man's round, get him to buy a bottle of champagne..

    Or.. everyone get him a cheap n nasty brand whisky, maybe he will get the hint.
    Long time away from MSE, been dealing real life stuff..
    Sometimes seen lurking on the compers forum :-)
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