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September 2014 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 August 2014 at 8:38PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Morning. I spent £10.97 this morning. I forgot kidney beans which dh will get later. Hopefullywill won't have to get anything over the weekend and if I do it will only be milk.

    Tonight we are having left over chilli on top of pizza. I made a few pizza bases and froze them so dinner is very quick and easy. I have also taken a blackberry cobbler out of the freezer for pudding.
    £370/£300 April challenge :T:T
  • Spend of $63 to start off the month, but that should be all I need to buy until next week.

    Pork for slow cooked pulled pork in the slow cooker overnight, will make some baguettes tomorrow for tomorrows dinner.

    Plan to scour the beach tomorrow for seaweed, my chickens are loving it, as are the compost heaps.

    Also plan to start the tomato seedlings tomorrow, spring is definitely here, the calves will be weaned next week and then we will be able to leave the farm for a few days.
  • £1.50 spend to declare on milk and nachos.

    I realised I forgot to post my meal plan so here goes:

    Saturday - Pizza with garlic bread

    Sunday - BBQ Pulled Pork (was sooo tasty and easy, just pork ribs, BBQ sauce and cola in the slow cooker, and had LOs in sandwiches for lunch)

    Monday - One pot mac and cheese

    Tuesday - Peanut butter chickpea curry

    Wednesday - HM Pizza with mozerella, pesto and olives

    Thursday - BLT Salad with garlic bread

    Friday - Patatas bravas with chorizo omlette

    Saturday - Courgette fritters

    Sunday - Vegetable crumble

    Monday - Pizza baked gnocchi
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    September GC: £131.27/£170. July GC: £62.48/£80. May GC: £135.00/£150
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  • cheexycheexy Forumite
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    Just did my weekly shopping during my lunch break and spent 12.97 which puts my monthly spend to £19.97 so far out of £100
    £380 outstanding in C.C (Interest free till May 2016)
    52 week money challenge £1378/£1378
    Save £12000 in 2015 challenge #26

    SPC 8 #461 target £200 :). 2015 NSDs = 114/113 | July NSDs 12/15
    Ultimate biggest loser number 42 =4.3/20lb
  • mooominmooomin Forumite
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    £1 on crumpets today. Last of the big spenders :rotfl:
    Comping again :D

    Wins this year: - two night trip to Belgium, £100 Gett taxi credit, tickets to Newcastle game, FIFA 2016 for PS4, stitch markers, Cumberstitching book
  • Hi, Never got round to doing this over the summer. Lost the plot abit! Am now determind to get myself back under control.
    Was on £43 a week to feed 3 adults and an array of visitors.
    So Bring it back on please.
    So far sept £0
    Target £172
    Also intend to do McMillan coffee morning and £100 budget for this
  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    I'm a bit late rolling in this month, but can I please be signed up with a budget of £281.32

    I'm hoping to be considerably under this, but whilst my wrist's still mending I'm still limited in terms of what I can cook - and potentially still have a number of medical appts to attend which (if they're late afternoon on a day DS1 needs tea at a set time for work or fitness class) could result in me still needing to pick up some ready meals. I'd normally batch cook and reheat, but I can't handle large pans yet and my meat's all frozen in quantities for batch cooking :(
  • hellos, i'm in this month, I've been missing for a while because we had to turn out internet off for a while lol, I've really missed coming onto MSE everyday lol,
    we are in this month for £170, that's for 2 adults, two point three teens and 2 cats, I say 2 point three teens because my eldest has moved out, but since moving out we have seen more off her, she comes home eats us out of house and home, does her washing and goes home again lol.
    i'm so glad to be back online and back on MSE LOL
  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Last week I spent a total of £75.88 of which £56.13 was food, £10.39 on toiletries/cleaning/laundry and the rest on pet food.

    To hit my target I need to be spending a max of £40/week on food. My target is a bit too low really and £50 would be more realistic but I will keep at it.

    I did a mad dash round aldee today, I only had a small list (which I left in the house in the rush:mad:) and remembered everything but tissues which are not desperate. Total spent was £28.59.

    I am finding that I do a frugal shop at aldee and then we end up going into other supermarkets for beer or DH will fancy something different for tea and that's what increases my spends.

    I will need bananas and a bag of salad leaves next week but that should be it.

    My meal plan for next week is:

    Hunters Chicken, wedges and peas
    Aubergine Pasta
    Chorizo and white bean ragu with spaghetti
    Shepherds Pie (pork mince)
    Vege lentil chilli and wedges
    Chicken and leek potato topped pie
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    Days since CC used - Christmas Eve 2019 - 189 (7 in 2019 + 2020)
  • First update for the month. I got sent a £15 off a recipe box from Hello Fresh so I am getting 3 meals for £24 not Old School of course but that's ok :) Spent £3.30 on coffee in a coffee shop after my dentist apt, £4 at the market on strawberries and 2lb plums, and £15.81 at Asda.

    My Mum brought me round some faller cooking apples, runner beans and tomatoes so I am making apple and plum jam (plums from market) and tomato chutney for Christmas presents. I don't have a Christmas budget so the ingredients have come out of the Grocery Budget for now.

    Feeling pretty poorly but I really need to get on with making chutney and jam tonight as the fruit and tomatoes need using quickly.

    Also bought children new clothes as they insist on growing lol but that is a different budget.
    Stay at home Mum to DS Oct 2011 and DD Dec 2013
    Grocery Challenge

    April 298.08/300.00 NSD 14 May £213.56/£300 NSD 4
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