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September 2014 Grocery Challenge

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  • Getting good at this budget recipe planning!

    A Stovetop Cassoulet of Sorts - Serves 2 hungry adults

    3 own brand sausages cut into bitesized pieces
    1/2 tin of own brand baked beans
    1 tbsp own brand tomato puree
    1 small onion (or half a large one)
    1/4 tin of value mushrooms
    Pinch of thyme, basil, and rosemary (fresh or dried)
    Worcester sauce to taste
    Salt and Pepper
    4 handfuls of value pasta
    Water or stock

    1. Finely slice the onion and fry with the sausages for 5 minutes until the skins are browned.
    2. Drain the mushrooms and add to the pan with the tomato puree. Stir together for a minute.
    3. Add the baked beans, herbs, and Worcestershire Sauce to taste (I used lots)
    4. Add some water - just enough to stop the beans from catching. Keep an eye on this. Bring to a gentle simmer for 25 minutes or until the sausages are cooked.
    5. Cook the pasta according to instructions.

    Enjoy :-)
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  • K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    £29.16 AF online order minus a £1.78 credit note.
    £5.46 at Morris*ns
    £2.28 at the C*-*p
    £24.41 Asd* online order
    £30.70 Tesc* order

    Total : £90.23 .... eeek need to have smaller spends to hit weekly targets now.
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  • Hello everyone..thank you for the welcomes and hellos :)

    After reading the posts on here this is definitely the right place for me to keeping a tally of the food shopping. This is one of our biggest weak spots and the place where we can really tighten our belts.

    So....after much faffing and indecisiveness I have just done my online shop. I have meal planned for just under 2 weeks and my estimated bill comes to £55.

    Whilst this is £10 over what I was hoping, my original plan was for a weeks shop and I have accounted for this week and next so am feeling hopeful still to keep it within budget. As suspected though it was really hard to do!

    I have also included packed lunches for school and work. I think I have done good so long as no more is spent (other than on eggs as I don't buy them from the supermarket and milk which we get through tonnes).

    I shall update totals when shopping is delivered and the amount is confirmed :)

    Night night all

    FG x

    Shopping delivery done - £51.49 and eggs purchased separately yesterday at £1.15.

    That leaves me now with £95.94.

    FG x
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  • LynseyLou- Your recipe sounds very yummy and GC friendly, my two will love it. . . sausage, beans and pasta. . What's not to love?

    After picking kids from school bus we went to local shop to buy dark chocolate for some cake/cereal bars I'm making for after school snacks. Pesky children tempted me into buying ice creams. I'm starting to teach them mse ways, they now get pocket money for extra (optional) chores, which will also teach them that hard work pays, I hope! To my surprise, when we got home they both gave me the money back, when I said no worries, they replied "please mommy" Bless them.

    So chocolate 50p
    Ice creams £4.40 (£2.70, not counted) = £2.20 in total to add to siggy now.
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  • Totally agree Piglet27 and LynseyLou - Sausage Casserole is a must in our house and this recipe looks lovely, my husband and 2 young children will love this too! Thanks for posting :)

    FG x
    :eek: 07/14 - LBM.....£38,151k joint debt :eek: now £32,417k
    Loan 1 - £20k - Now £18400, Loan 2 - £12k - Now £9470, CC1 - £795 - Now £720, CC2 - £3k - Now £2778, CC3 £361 - Now £209, CC4 - £100 - Now £70.99. DH OD - £1895 - Now £770
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  • Yum, LynseyLou, that sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe :)

    Haven't dipped into the grocery budget since the start of the month, so doing well so far. Hopefully shouldn't have to do a top-up until Monday now, providing tomorrow's fish cakes go to plan! :o
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    cheexycheexy Forumite
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    I just came across this and I am so excited about it as it sounds like an amazing idea. Could you please put me down for £100 for the month of September please?
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  • Is it too late for me to join? :o I use to do this years ago but got out of the habit and know I'm over spending :o and things are going to be tighter now that DD1 has left college and started work. She'll be paying housekeeping but I don't think it'll really cover what I was getting.
    I shop weekly and my shop includes everything pet food, washing detergent etc
    I aim for £60 per week, starting next week if that's ok
  • Finally made it to September. Not a great start to my new budget (though not Grocery) I have to go to the dentist today as my Wisdom tooth is playing up possibly (hopefully) because I have a flu like virus :( Plus we've been invited to a birthday party for a friend's son so have to buy a birthday present for a 4 year old and will probably need to take money for coffee as it's at a soft play area. Oh and I have a Hen night but I've had to pull out of the meal as can't spare £30 so hoping to meet for the drinks after.

    Have to go shopping today as well, on day 1 of GC, no way round it I've been compiling this shopping list for a few days now.

    Have a good day everyone :)
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    Grocery Challenge

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  • Hello everyone :)

    So far I have spent:
    $1.50 swede (going to ferment this)
    $2.70 spices, flaxseed
    $5.70 carrots, barley, split lentils
    $20.00 2 * 1.5kg bags cat food, 3 months worth, hope she lives long enough to eat it!!
    $1 toothbrush (new one for spring)
    so that's $30.90 in total, leaving me with $34.10 for the rest of the month.

    I keep my menu plan pretty simple:
    breakfast: oatmeal with apple, cinnamon, and flaxseed
    lunch: thick vegetable, legume and grain soup, OR dosas with fermented veges/lemon pickle, OR
    pasta and sauce OR
    brown rice and bean stir fry with greens and sauerkraut
    tea: a wholemeal sandwich with peanut butter, greens from the garden, and fermented veges.
    Sat night tv snack: hot air popped popcorn

    Those meals are quite filling, and most days I only eat two out of the three.
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