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  • Also, all these buying of a single bag of crisps etc., these clearly cost far more singularly than in bulk, but i am assuming that fellow fritterers would be tempted to eat the lot in one go?

    However, is it easier to resist the temptation to go out and fritter (thus spending more, and also having the crisps) or to have a stash and eat them when you get the urge to fritter, only???

    answers on a postcard.....
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    Ooooohh,look-I have company today,thank you everyone :j.
    Well,I have been verrrrrrrry good this month.So good I have had 18 NSDs this month :T.I think it has been a combination of things:

    -started back at Slimming World last week,and am feeling really motivated,so not tempted to "nip across to the shops" for chocolate.Lost 2.5lb this first week back :T.
    -joining the Grocery Challenge for the first time.It makes me really think about what I am spending.Compare the figures I gave in my first couple of posts-this month I have only spent £164.Very pleased with this.I have also actively started seeking out vouchers.For example,I had never before bought a newspaper only for a supermarket voucher.Last month (or was it earlier this month?) I bought 4copies of the Sun for the £5 off £10 meat voucher.I think there is a voucher in the Mirror for Aldi tomorrow-I only started shopping there this month,so will get one of these(think I would be pushing it to spend £80 in ALDI,so will just get one.)

    -having a very loose idea of what to have for tea each week.It is by no means a meal PLAN,but,with store cupboard ingredients,it is enough for me to buy some chicken,some ingredients for a pasta meal,lots of fruit and veg,then I know there are lots of meals to be had

    safety girl I love the idea of bulk-buying,and I would do alot more of it if we had the space.Maybe after we have our kitchen extension......I would love to do more.I believe they are real,not imagined/theoretical,savings.I wonder if you could put aside a couple of pounds a week to save up for when they coincide with your leaner weeks/months.I don't know if you have seen the "Second Purse" challenge on here.That is all about bulk-buying,and buying it back from yourself.It sounds like you end up with a substantial pot of savings over the months.I keep going back and looking at it,but it does look a bit 017.gif for me,just because I don't understand it.

    As it is,I do buy a few extra store-cupboard/non-perishables when they are reduced (baked beans,OXO,paper towels,etc).But my REAL bulk-buying habit is dishwashing tabs and cleaning stuff.At the moment I still have 2 unopened packets of 70 Fairy dishwashing tabs from my last bulk by.I never pay more than 1/2 price for them.
    Same with cleaning products.I have IKEA stackable boxes overflowing with my favourite floor cleaner,bleach,Mr Sheen,window cleaner etc that I have bought on special.And I always stock up on more when on special.

    Re the multipack question,multipacks of crisps would be safe from me,but I wouldn't trust myself with a those multipacks of mini chocolate bars.I have thought myself that it would be ideal to have multipacks of chocs in the house,because they are just the right size bar for "syns" on S.World.Problem is,I would never stop at just one :o

    wishus we visited Boscastle.Such a beautiful town.My OH and I had visited there about 13 years ago,and took the kids this time,We especially wanted to show them the witches museum.Poor 5yo daughter cried when she saw cats skeletons,bless her.
    And yes,icre cream aplenty.Didn't have to buy myself pasties because I knew none of the 4 kids would get through the one they ordered,So I no,I didn't have a pasty.Only 4 quarters of a pasty :rotfl::rotfl:.
    Being a flapjackaholic sounds fun!Do you make your own?My kids love helping me make these.And licking the spoon while the mixture is still warm :D

    special patrol group I love the weight loss-well done :j.I have only this month started freezing bread again (did used to do it years ago,when I was single).I have also frozen milk before.I guess I could do that again.It would mean one less nip to the shops at 9pm at night.

    yellowbirdy44 it still makes me snigger,whenever I think of it :rotfl::rotfl:

    Thank you for all your suggestions.Lots to think about.
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    I am a returning newbie and I have started a spending diary too, which has been a real eye opener. Yikes, since February 13th (196 days) I have only had 80 NSDs :(. My last NSD was two weeks ago. I am not very good at "no frittering".

    I have moved abroad and put a lot of my spending down to "moving expenses" however I cannot justify buying extortionate Australian Irn Bru prices every week and putting this down to "moving expenses". I thoroughly agree with making a spending diary - although it is sometimes a pain to keep up, it is a great eye opener. And I have found that the only way I wont have to complete the diary is if I don't spend anything - two wins right there, right?

    Good luck to all!
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    Why is there so much month left at the end of my money?
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    I love this thread. Lots of useful ideas about how not to fritter my money away. FFF you are doing great at not frittering and No Spending Days. I need to lose weight, so I should be able to kill 2 birds with one stone
  • I'm dreadful for this. I'm excellent at saying no to big purchases, and keeping my main grocery shopping to a minimum cost, but I am a nightmare for frittering money on coffee and snacky bits at work, and nipping into the supermarket on the way home intending to top up something I'm out of, and walking out with a tenner's worth of 'treats'.
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  • I've been doing well recently at going shopping and sticking to the list. Today however I went to get a few bits for lunches this week and discovered tasty new looking new things to try! They'll all be used this week and nothing will go to waste, but they weren't on the list so £5.69 has been added to my frittery jar!
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    Being a flapjackaholic sounds fun!Do you make your own?My kids love helping me make these.And licking the spoon while the mixture is still warm :D

    Very rarely... I have had a few greasy oat disasters! Plus, very hard to recreate the topping. :p

    I just had a birthday, so am now the size of an exceedingly large cake. :rotfl: Lots of it was gifted to me. Just ate my final slice of a lovely homemade sticky date toffee cake. Yesterday, I had the idea that I might start cutting down on the cake and lose this half stone I've suddenly gained so I bought an M&S yoghurt. £1.60!!!! :eek:
    Why? I have yoghurt at home!!!

    Must do better...:bdaycake::drool:
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  • Frittering avoided today as I had no cash in my purse (due to putting it in the frittering jar yesterday! I was really thirsty on the way home from school so was going to pop in a shop for a drink. When I remembered I had nothing other than my card I decided against it and waited until I got home. :)
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    Belated birthday greetings to Wishus. :beer:

    I managed to stop the frittering some time ago but my stubborn DH has decided he wants to go out every day and all that does is lead to frittering. And then he blames me for wasting money! :mad: Highly unfair. Does anyone else have the same problem?
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    Sometimes it's good to get out of the house... but yes, other halves often like to bring you along on the path of self-sabotage!

    Maybe they can be open to discussing trigger points... with us, we can't go to the cinema without sweet treats. I smuggle my own in now.

    Also, booze undoes all your good intentions. So nipping to the pub can often lead to takeaways and taxis. I can be easily persuaded to join in, so it takes firmness and confidence to say, "By all means, you can, but I'm sticking to this."
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