For Finally Forgoing Frittering

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    *runs in*


    *runs out*
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  • No frittering yesterday :) and hopefully none to be done today as I'm swimming on my own again. I went shopping yesterday for stuff for the rest of the week and didn't deviate from the list, even when Mr T was short of something I wanted. I figured I'd just have home baking instead :)
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    *runs in*


    *runs out*

    Absolutely hilarious.Have been sniggering at this for days..........

    Well,I have been very good lately-lots of NSd's.I have started shopping at Aldi as much as I can,which does limit the impulse buys.Even so,I had to take my 4 kids shopping with me in there yesterday,and even in Aldi they found a few things to nag me into buying,Still,not too bad (89p for a box of 6 Screwball ice creams that cost over £1 each from the ice cream van :eek::eek:.How do they make a profit with that price,even with selling everything straight off the pallets and few staff?)

    And because I have started back at Slimming World this week,there has been no inclination to nip out to the shop and buy rubbish :j

    I hope everyone else is finding the holidays ok.
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  • *runs in*


    *runs out*

    I'm a reader...(lurker's a very harsh word) of this thread. But this made me laugh out loud! Thank u x:rotfl:
    Love your library
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    What a fab thread! As a flapjackaholic I also need to join in.

    And S-U, of course you need to buy ice cream in Cornwall - hope it was the lovely clotted cream variety. Maybe a pasty as well...? :)

    I love Cornwall... it's so beautiful. I last went to Boscastle and Tintagel and visited St Nectan's Glen, too.
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  • I know where you're coming from. I just have to buy chocolate when I stop for petrol and had convinced myself that I didn't have time to make lunch in the mornings. I now buy all my food in a weekly on line shop so I can budget it properly then any extras have to come out of my cash stash which I take out once a month to cover meals out, clothes, makeup, hairdressers etc - any non essentials basically. Now I know if I leave the bar of chocolate in the shop I can treat myself and the kids at the end of the month. I find putting a cut loaf of bread in the freezer and buying an emergency long life milk keeps me out of the shops.
    The added advantage is I have not only saved money but lost 18 pounds in weight since the spring!
  • Hello, i have a few questions and also ideas:

    1) are you going to the shops for essentials and then buying extras? If so, and if your budget allows, why not try buying essentials for the week - then you will have no need (or excuse) to pop to the shop thus resisting temptation.

    2) If you have to shop daily - are you going when you are hungry, desperate for supplies or a bit peed off at something? If so this may trigger a buying for comfort mentality?

    3) If you are craving chocolate, it could be that you are properly hungry. I suggest that you eat more carbs for energy e.g. porridge (cheap!) for breakfast and this should stave off the 'need' for chocs

    I hope this helps :)
  • :) it is a toy for their run, he makes some lovely big hutches.....for when I am debt free.......I am supposed to be moving them to the shed this holiday so they have more space than their current cage. Bit behind schedule. And yes, peppers and spinach are often commandeered for dinner!

    Today's Frittering - sort of.

    two placemats, extension lead, cookie cutters, funnels, toothpaste, mouth wash, baby wipes.

    The extension lead, funnels and cookie cutters were for Mum. Much of the rest, well I didn't need it today! but they were all less then a pound.

    Really I didn't want to go out today but had to. Could have been worse, I didn't spend any money in Pets at home - unheard of for me!


    are you using mum as an excuse? Why are you buying for her? Please think about this and honest (and i know there may be valid reasons so i apologise in advance for asking) :)
  • My personal vice is bulk buying when things are on offer....I mean say the bread flour is cheap i will by 4kg instead of the immediately needed single packet.

    Same with loo roll, kitchen towels (cheap brands only) dog/cat food, baked beans canned toms etc. Always stuff i will use - i hardly throw anything away, ever.

    I guess my question for your joint wisdom is: these offers almost always appear when it is a 'tight month' (i work for myself so my income is not guaranteed)

    Am i getting proper value and saving just pseudo (imagined) value and savings from succumbing to the bulk buy theory?

    thanks :)
  • Saver-upper I have joined the August NSD challenge as well. I was thinking of doing similar as, with 4 children having cereal every day, milk never lasts so has to be considered an essential!

    I am sure you know that plastic milk containers of milk can be frozen and defrosted as needed :)

    They can split as they expand whilst freezing so just open and take a cup full out first and reclose.

    If you think it may leak whilst in the freezer just prop up the top of the bottle on something else already in there so it is on a slant :)
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