For Finally Forgoing Frittering

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    Thanks marmite but think I need to be harder on myself - and a trip for piggy food never results in just piggy food!

    I was an absolute poster girl for frittering today :o

    I needed fresh food for the piggies.
    SO I went to Sainsburys

    I got fresh food for the piggies.

    and bread and jar of sauce for Mum.............

    then I went off list,

    two notepads........£5?

    A set of unicorns. Bear with me, they were reduced to 3.32 and are for a very special little girl who I know. but not needed at all.

    This is all small fry compared to the center parcs haemorrhaging of cash. Seriously that place is so expensive!!!

    And recent clothes shopping expeditions, including two bags (cost 16 pound all together) which I didn't need at all!

    So yeah I am fritter queen!

    I shall make more of an effort honest guv :)
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    Hi Buffy. We all do it,fritter at some point.It doesn't sound like a huge amount though.Could you take anything back and get a refund?

    Saver-upper Yikes to the awful weather.It's horrible being in a tent when you feel it's about to blow away. :eek: I do hope that the weather improves for you all.I've never been to Cornwall.Is it your first time there?
  • Saver-upper wishing you happy holidays! Hope you're having fun despite the nasty weather. Would love to visit Cornwall one day.

    Buffy - I'd echo marmite - sometimes you just need a little fritter! The unicorns did make me :rotfl: though. I blame the piggies for making you go shopping in the first place ;)
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  • Hi

    May I join in with you please?

    I need to stop wasting money in the pound shop (food is okay, but not 'things') and stop buying books for my Kindle when I already have 400 of the things waiting to be read.

    It feels that I never have any spare money for the big important things yet money to fritter in the pound shop or on Amazon daily,
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    Welcome,HouseworkFairy :)
    I also find pound shops great.I don't make a habit of going into them just to browse,but I do buy supplies in there for my business,for kids lunch boxes,etc.And it is easy while you are there to think "ooohh,yes,will get some of those....didn,t know I needed those...":rotfl:.And because most things have a long shelf life,it is easy to overspend.

    At the moment my partner and kids are finishing the packing of tent to come home.Will be able to catch up properly and post from home over the next couple of days.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I need this thread - I am way too good at frittering!

    Interesting - I am a guinea pig slave (have 8 :/) I see there is at least 3 other guinea pig slaves just on this thread?

    mmmmm might start a guinea pig thread on the pet section.
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    It feels that I never have any spare money for the big important things yet money to fritter in the pound shop or on Amazon daily,

    Have you thought about sorting out a budget?It's not an exageration to say that this can be a life-saver.What big spends are you talking about?

    I've been a keen budgeter for nearly five years,and it's made such a difference.For example,recently I renewed my 3 year train deduction card by budgeting about £9 a month over three years.The TV licence fee was saved at about £25 a month.I have in total 36 seperate 'payments' in to my budget account,not including rent,life insurance,health insurance etc,grocery budget...I have all my budgeted money in one account,and keep a tally of the figures in a jotter,which works better if I update regularly.

    Also,have you thought about leaving money and cards at home when you go out to work?It really works!

    A spending diary can be a real eye-opener.keep one for,say, 2 months to get a good picture of where your money goes.

    Other vaguely related ways of saving your hard-earned cash:

    -when you decide to buy something,work out how many hours,or days/weeks :eek: you would have to work in order to buy the item.It might just force you to re-consider.

    -a packed lunch is another relatively simple way to hang onto your pennies.You just need to be a bit organised.If you buy a lunch/snack every day,work out how much you spend over a week/month/year.Still feel like having that sandwich/muffin/packet of crisps?

    -are you a cardboard cup guzzling coffee drinker'Do you really need that every day?Buy a thermos.

    -Doing too much in one go however might make you want to throw in the towel.If that's the case,choose just one thing to stop buying/change,and see how it goes.Maybe try one week without buying a sandwich for lunch/a fizzy drink/a chocoalte bar...

    That's all that I can think of just now.I hope that I've given you some ideas.

    And keep posting.You get so much encouragement here. :money::j;)
  • Back from a lovely holiday where I didn't do much frittering. But did buy lots of chocolate! Back on the non-frittering wagon properly now I'm back with any luck so today will be spend free and most definitely frittering free :)
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  • Pleased to hear saver-upper and Penguins had fab holibobs! Mine are fast approaching and I cannot wait.

    No frittering recently, though a couple of (planned) spendy days due to upcoming birthdays.
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    Have a great holiday Saver-upper.

    I just had a thought;it's probably already been mentioned,but do you shop with a shopping list?Also,consider going out with either the sum of money you estimate you'll spend,or,on days where you don't want to spend,go out leaving all money and cards at home.Certainly going out without any debit/credit cards severely limits impulse buying. ;)

    I do realise though that with children,it can be difficult.How old are they?It's never too early to learn money management....

    marmiterules I have been meaning to answer this post since you wrote it,but my time on t'internet while we were away was extremely limited,partly because of dodgy connection at campsite,and partly because our kids had been told they were not allowed to bring ipads on holiday,so didn't want to be too much of a hypocrite by spending hours on my laptop.

    I am pretty good at shopping with a list,if only for the fact that if I didn't take a list,I would forget something.I don't buy crisps,biscuits unless a special occasion.Don't buy alcohol.Just packets of sweets to be shared by kids after tea some nights.

    I always pay with cash,and limit how much I take out (it is embarrassing the amount of times I have got to the till and had to leave stuff behind because I have under-esimated how much it will cost)

    I think my biggest downfall has been the nipping to the corner store of an evening.It is a habit I've only got back into over the last few months (because I am supposed to be doing Slimming World,and not snacking in the evening :o).

    During the school term there is alot of money spent on "school stuff".Taking 4 kids to a school fair,for example,there is no change out of £30.Every month there is some type of fund-faising events/cake sales,etc.When I was looking at my budget a few weeks ago,I added up all the school spends:nearly £200 in the month of June :eek::eek:

    My kids are 12,nearly 11,7 and 5.
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