Best cheap strong tea help please :-)

Im a north yorkshire lass who has grown up drinking yorkshire tea strong like tar since I was a toddler, however I am looking to save a little money and by changing tea brand with the amount we drink we could easily save £5+ a month, doesnt sound like a lot but if we can cut £5s here and there and wack them off the mortgage or into savings for something fun it all helps out :-) we've swapped from alpro soya to value soya and that saves another £1 per week it all adds up :D and we dont hate asda smartprice coffee either and that costs nothing next to our old choice of douwe egberts.

I do tend to stock up when YT is on offer but its never that cheap and we have a broom cupboard for a kitchen so couldnt stash 2000 bags from a wholesaler either.

So in short im looking for recommendations of any own brand,or discount supermarket tea bags that make a good strong brew. I have tried asda smartprice but with 2 bags it never gets that strong still.

I have access to aldi, lidl, tesco, asda, morrisons and sainsburys :-) thought id ask here before being stuck with loads of bags that just arent strong enough or that I dont like.

Thanks in advance!
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  • WillowpopWillowpop Forumite
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    Fellow northerner and strong tea lover here… I only buy Sainsburys basics teabags. Super cheap and make a fab cuppa.:beer:
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  • sillyme673sillyme673 Forumite
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    Another vote for sainsburys basic. I buy about 6 at a time and dont spend even £2. Do worry they are going to put price up:j
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  • cheerfulness4cheerfulness4 Forumite
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    Same here with Sainsburys basic. Wouldn't change now.

    Nigel Slater did a thing about tea with an 'EXPERT' who said the basic priced ones were ideal if you tend to pop a tea bag in a mug as the finer leaves give you the best quick flavour. The dearer ones are larger particles and need longer brewing in a pot to get the full flavour.
    Might explain why I love the basic sainsbugs as I always throw mine in a mug.
  • Again, Sainsbury basic range
  • Another vote for Sainsburys Basics tea. Best flavour yet at 27p for 80 bags. I've converted the whole family over to them.
  • peewhyeffpeewhyeff Forumite
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    Again,I vote Sainsbury's Basics.....and they're FAIRTRADE too. Everyone's a winner.
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    I buy Lidl red Knightsbridge 1.99 for 240. Tried sains basics and really wasn't keen. I think lidl also do a Gold label tea bag version, not sure what these are like as always been happy with god std red label.

    I like my tea quite milky but not weak IYKWIM, it has to actually taste of milky tea, not milky hot water.
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  • matty17rmatty17r Forumite
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    Another vote for sainsbury basic tea bags for 27p for 80. It makes me cringe to think of all the money I have wasted in the past on dearer ones which could have gone in my savings pot.
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    matty17r wrote: »
    Another vote for sainsbury basic tea bags for 27p for 80. It makes me cringe to think of all the money I have wasted in the past on dearer ones which could have gone in my savings pot.

    I'm going to give those a try after all the recommendations. I've been using the Sainsbury's Red Label and they're a good, strong cup.

    Currently got YT on offer in Iceland.
  • ScrittiScritti Forumite
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    Another vote for Sains Basics.

    Lidl and Aldi's tea is also lovely and cheap at £2 for 160 but the Sains Basics one is about 30p for 80 which is just incredible value.

    I'm currently working my way through a 240 box of PG Tips I got for a really low price last year.

    Never again. The tea is like dishwater compared to the Sains Basics one. For me, considering how strong they are and how incredibly cheap, I don't see any reason to buy any other tea bags.
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