Have you tried to reclaim old bill credit?

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Hi all,

We've created a step by step guide on how to claim unpaid bill credit from your old supplier.
This is a new guide but we need your help! Please let us know your feedback, as well as how you got on with your claim. Please share any tips that may help others too. Just click reply below to share your tips.
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  • carasophie
    I have been trying to claim money back from Scottish Power for three months now. I moved home in December 2013, at which point my account was over £150 in credit due to overpaying by Direct Debit. I informed them I was moving and switching providers and (eventually) they said they would cancel and settle the account. However, they continued to take £50 Direct Debit each month and did not refund me the balance.

    I was reluctant to cancel the direct debit as I have friends who've done so and ended up with more complications, so Scottish Power now owe me over £300. I can't get through to them on the phone as every time I try i'm kept waiting for nearly an hour on hold.

    Finally, after threatening to go to the Ombudsman a few days ago they emailed me and said they were terribly sorry and would send me a cheque. I replied to their email saying thank you very much and asking them to confirm how much the refund would be for, to ensure it was the correct amount. They have not replied, so the saga continues!
  • PST
    PST Posts: 4 Newbie
    I switched from EDF last october and at the end of last month realised they had not refunded the amount in credit which was nearly £200.
    After contacting them they refunded the amount within 2 weeks and after some complaining they have agreed to pay me £25 for not refunding the money in a timely manner.
  • nmckay15
    nmckay15 Posts: 168 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    After 5 months, Scottish power still owe we £54. I told them in September I was moving home later that month. Called again in October to give the final readings and request a refund. Each month after that I have called or emailed (total3 complaint emails) and yet I still don't have my money. Each person tells me it's been or is being raised, they have the correct bank details but it never arrives.....
  • al25
    al25 Posts: 175 Forumite
    I am waiting for £212.12 from EDF since 24th Feb. No sign of the money yet.
  • Fruit_and_Nut_Case
    I switched from Scottish Power to npower in October 2013.

    My Scottish Power account was closed in December 2013 at which time I was £335.82 in Credit. I was refunded £111.78 in January this year and am still waiting for the balance of £224.04

    I have been told that it will be credited to my bank account in 7 working days. I'm not holding my breath.
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  • tonywp
    tonywp Posts: 5 Forumite
    When going for a refund of monies owed....just remember that you might owe them money...and they haven't picked it up!! I took Martins suggestion to request a refund and ended getting a bill for £108!!

  • OperaGirl
    OperaGirl Posts: 5 Forumite
    I've just discovered that Scottish Power hasn't fully closed my duel fuel account because the gas bill hasn't been finalised; the "final bill" is listed as an estimated bill. Although I moved to Npower in late October and cancelled my SP direct debit, SP hasn't been in touch to sort out final readings in order to pay the bill, and so the account is still active. I rang them in November to ask when my credit balance would be refunded and they didn't tell me that there was an issue. The lady I spoke to told me the refund would take a few weeks but I would receive a cheque. They now say that they'll have to contact Npower as the gas meter reading is now "in dispute" as the switch happened back in October, and so they can't finalise my bill.

    SP won't refund the credit from my electricity account until the gas bill is sorted out, so they're sitting on over £100 of mine. I thought that a new power supplier was supposed to pass on final readings as part of the switching process.

    It's definitely worth checking your old energy account to make sure it's up-to-date; I only discovered the problem because I keep receiving emails from Scottish Power and decided to see if I could still log on to my online account in order to stop them.

    I used the freephone number via saynoto8070 and was put through to a person much quicker than by dialing the number printed on the bill.
  • smelimeli
    I am with Scottish power and a couple of weeks ago I rang them because for several months my account was in credit at one point I was in credit by about £464 so I made a phonecall to ask them to refund any money that was owed to me .... the response was that I am no longer in credit but in debit by £81. I don't understand how I can go from being several months of being in credit to being in debit. I pay a fixed price of £103 per month I was very frustrated and annoyed :(
  • IDoDoodles
    IDoDoodles Posts: 29 Forumite
    Same thing just happened to us. We switched from EDF to Cooperative Energy recently, and were over £400 in credit at the time.

    We provided a final meter reading, at which point we were told that we were owed nothing and had still to pay over £100 for final bill settlement on the account!

    We were paying Direct Debit at a rate that ought to have well covered our usage. It was just two people, mostly out during the day, in a tiny 1 bed flat! How can this possibly happen?

    I was livid. We're paid up to avoid issues, but I want an answer from them as I cannot simply believe that we owed them over £500 at the rate we were paying them on a monthly basis.
  • MakeitgoRIGHT
    What about Seeboard -- do they still exist of one of the existing companies responsible for them?
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